Yulondas Edible Sensations: NYFW Networking Sponsor

NYFW Sponsor Spotlight: Yulanda’s Edible Sensations

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Our annual NYFW events are made possible by generous sponsors. This year delicious treats from Yulanda’s Edible Sensations were in the gift bags for our NYFW Networking Party at ROW NYC.

About Yulanda’s Edible Sensations

​Yulonda’s Edible Sensations is a Southern-Latin dessert catering company which specializes in the creation of traditional, handcrafted desserts with a delicious twist.

Y.E.S. always uses fresh, local ingredients. They bake from scratch for each and every order, using only the finest, highest quality ingredients available. This means everything is fresh and nothing is ever frozen. Yulonda’s Edible Sensations bakes small batches in order to provide top quality desserts. All of these ingredients are GMO-free, and/or organic and FDA approved.

These healthy and tasty treats are prepared to meet your needs. Yulonda’s Edible Sensations has a menu that features a variety of creative confections including cakes, cookies, seasonal bars, brownies, hand rustic pies, candies, chocolates, and homemade marshmallows – including gluten-free options! They also create libation-infused desserts that are sure to be a hit at your next event.

Their menu features a desserts that are both traditional and infused with dynamic Southern and Latin flavors. From small events to celebrating the biggest of special days, Yulonda’s Edible Sensations has the desserts for you. Let them help cater to your unique dessert needs.

Yulondas Edible Sensations: NYFW Networking Sponsor

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