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What Courtney Peterson, Chicago Social Media Influencer, envisions for her future platform

In Student Mingleby Lauren McCaffrey

Meet Courtney Peterson- Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion Blogger  

Courtney Peterson, is a rising Chicago social media influencer, with notable visions for the future. Prior to entering the influencer industry, she was an experienced blogger for two years. 

“I decided to make the switch last year to dedicate more time to being an influencer because although I enjoy writing, I wasn’t getting enough traffic to my blog,” Peterson said. “I was getting more traffic to my Instagram and more people asking me to do posts and coverage on Instagram and stories.” 

Initially Peterson was a freelance makeup artist, she said. She wanted to create a blog to educate people on the proper way to apply makeup and healthy skin routines, she said. Eventually she stopped doing makeup, she said, and began blogging with a friend. 

Ultimately she started her own blog and progressed to Youtube and Instagram

In addition to being a Chicago social media influencer, she is a graphic designer. She has her own business creating templates for individuals to easily customize, she said. 

“I also own a spiritual apothecary, with my best friend and we hand make our products and the goal of our business is to help everyone reach their higher self,” Peterson said. “Along with that business we have a podcast that is called Virgo Banter where we discuss everything from pop culture to home life.”

Chicago Social media influencer

Chicago Social media influencer

In the future, Courtney envisions success with more than just her social media platform

Because Peterson’s schedule is so busy, she said she has focused on time management, directing her time and energy on a few things that she wants to accomplish. Scheduling and setting deadlines has become her new best friend as a Chicago social media influencer she said

Peterson said she does not aspire to any influencers right now, but sees Claire Sulmers, founder and editor in chief of Fashion Bomb Daily, as a fashion icon. Not only is Sulmers’ blog always on trend, but she is a Black woman making waves and showing all types of fashion, she said. 

“My biggest obstacle isn’t really an obstacle but more of the realization of the diversity or lack of,” Peterson said. “So in the time right now there is a need for more diversity. A Lot of brands have always said they want to work with smaller influencers but I noticed they only want a certain type of influencer that is African American. I try to approach brands with a different perspective and push to make myself and voice heard.”  

In the future, the Chicago social media influencer said she sees nothing but growth for all of her businesses and hopes to make an impact while enjoying what she does. She plans to go back to school and get a masters degree, either in international law or something associated with entertainment. 

COVID-19 has given her time to explore all avenues and see which one is the most appealing, she said. With the platform she has created, Peterson said she wants to show her journey and potentially work with brands she truly loves. 

“I want to be able to say I did all the things I enjoyed and be able to help others succeed on their own paths,” Peterson said. “I really love fashion so I’m hoping to expand more on that with my platform and to nurture it more.” 

In 2019, Peterson created a Fashion Mingle account, looking to network and create an opportunity to go to New York Fashion Week. She was very headstrong about going to fashion week, she said, and ended up going to a few shows and pop up events. 

Peterson envisions building a community with her platform that people consider a welcoming and safe space. She said she always answers questions and gives her best advice on her Youtube channel and Instagram. 

“I feel like as an influencer people are always wanting you to be transparent and I personally have no problem with sharing my life and showing the lessons I learned,” Peterson said. “I love that people reach out to me and are giving me a platform to share who I am and give me exposure!”

To follow Courtney Peterson’s journey as she followers her dreams and continues building as a Chicago social media influencer, visit her Instagram, @contourswithcourt, and her Youtube Channel, Hey Court. If you want to create a strong network and grow your connections in the fashion industry join Fashion Mingle now!

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