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Unique Fashion Programs Miami Has To Offer

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Miami is a city where color vibrates throughout the unique and diverse environment, and fashion is an essential part of the atmosphere. Miami’s style rises from a unique mix of art and culture to influence what the city, and what clothing, is all about for tourists and natives alike. Miami’s fashion programs and edgy vibe leads many young people to study fashion, and many well-known schools are available in the area with magnificent programs for students to develop their creativity and fashion design skills. 

Miami Fashion Institute

The Miami Fashion Institute (MFI) at Miami Dade College is one such school. This school offers areas of study in Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising. Each of these programs consist of 60 credits, and with a relatively low tuition cost of $7,093.20 students can follow their design dreams at what by today’s standards is considered a reasonable price.

Rosemary Gutierrez- Mejia is a student majoring in Fashion Design at the institute. According to Gutierrez- Mejia, this program takes the student through a systematic exploration of the relationship between marketing and design. “It provides you with the concept through production, as well as the skills and language of how fashion design and technology blend,” she said. Gutierrez-Mejia also says these programs have helped her build her portfolio and given her the chance to intern in the fashion industry.  “Taking this course is extremely helpful for getting your foot in the door,” Gutierrez- Mejia says of her internship experience.

MFI students have access to many industry resources and digital tools, including databases like Worth Global Style Network, 3D printing, and creative design programs that allow young designers to render their fashion ideas as a step to making their dreams come true.

 Miami International University of Art & Design

Another option for one of Miami’s fashion programs is the Miami International University of Art & Design, which offers great courses that help students elaborate their fashion creations. Like MFI, this school gives students a chance to participate in fashion events organized throughout South Florida by renown brands and businesses. Miami International University of Art & Design offers tuition grants of up to $17,340.00 to students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree and up to $5,845.00 toward Associate degree programs. Both these schools offer access to cutting edge tools and highly trained faculty.

Miami’s fashion programs have a lot to offer anyone interested in studying fashion design, according to Gutierrez-Mejia. Schools in this cosmopolitan city provide students all they need to become designers and to create styles that reflect the culture and diversity of this unique urban setting.

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