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Tips to Promote your Pop-Up Experience and Gain New Customers

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Creating a Pop-Up event can be difficult. We’ve given you 3 ways to promote your Pop-Up Shop and achieve new customers!

1. Use Social Media Before, During & After Your Pop-Up Event


Use your brand’s social media accounts to spread the word about your pop-up store. Start the buzz two weeks to one month before it opens and keep the promotion going during and even after it ends.

(2 weeks before opening day): Announce your participation and create excitement about the upcoming experience. Share details about the event such as: the red carpet, guest activities, photo booth, beverages and of course fabulous products!

(1 week before opening day): Come up with unique “save the date” messages to post on social networks.

  • Give your followers a sneak peak by sharing behind-the-scenes photos of your pop-up shop prep and a sneak peek at some of the items for sale.
  • Use your Facebook account to create an event page where you can invite friends and share any pre-launch or day-of promotions.
  • Do you have a relationship with any local bloggers, influencers or celebrities who have agreed to attend your pop-up? Announce their attendance on your event page.

(1 day before opening day): Post a reminder about your pop-up with exciting details about what to expect. Consider a “for followers only” discount or flash sale promotion that lasts for a few hours, to encourage attendance. 

(During Opening Day):

  • Consider a creative way to capture email addresses from every visitor to your pop-up. Some ideas: an extra discount, small samples or a random winner of a larger prize to chosen after the event.
  • Ask visitors to your pop-up to follow you on social media and reward with one of the ideas above. Message them that same day thanking them for stopping by your booth.
  • Post photos on social media or hold Facebook live broadcasts for your followers. You can showcase what products you’re selling and share the fun opening day moments. Share pictures of people shopping at your booth.
  • Ask a local blogger or influencer to “take over” your Instagram and share experiences from the day.

(1 Day after the event):

  • Announce winner of any contests that concluded the night before.
  • Share pictures from the party and thank all supporters for showing your booth the love!
  • Consider sharing a coupon to be used for a specific day to thank your followers.

   2. What’s Your WOW factor? Creating Excitement for Your Pop-Up


  • What can you incorporate into your space or promotions that attendees will fall in love with?
  • Based on your product or service, is there a demonstration or hands-on opportunity that your visitors can take part in? Now is the time to let your creativity shine! 
  • Offer coupons or distribute small samples for customers who make purchases at your pop-up.

3. Creative Online Marketing: How to Leverage Sales and Gain Repeat Customers


Aside from your social media accounts, you should also use other online marketing channels available to you. This will ensure the widest audience possible knows about your pop-up shop.

  • Go through your contact list, and announce your pop-up shop via email. Include special discount coupons that customers can present using their mobile devices to entice them to visit.
  • Add a graphic to your website to build excitement for your event. There are a lot of free countdown apps you can add to your landing page. Also consider a pop-up banner added to your home page. (Did you know Fashion Mingle offers graphic design services? If you need help with this please reach out!)
  • Consider writing an informative blog post and put a strong call to action at the end to visit your pop-up shop. (Don’t forget to add it to your Fashion Mingle Profile so our community will see it. We are happy to share any content on social platforms as well.)
  • Post Event: Create a series of at least 3 follow-up emails thanking attendees for their participation and inviting them to shop online. Announce any future events you might be participating in.
  • Consider a hand-written note and a small token of appreciation to any VIP customers or attendees who helped make your pop-up shop a success.

Remember, the more effort you put in to sharing news about your Pop Up Shop the higher chance for success! If you need any help or have any suggestions for your experience we are here to help. Contact: beth@fashionmingle.net

Don’t forget to sign up for a Fashion Mingle profile today! You can also check out our Covergirl Pop Up Shop in Times Square!


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