How to Grow Your Social Media Presence on YouTube

How to Grow a Social Media Presence on YouTube

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When you meet Stephen Marinaro on the red carpet as “TheSalonGuy”, you’ll find him in a sleek, tailored suit handling his microphone like an accessory. The video camera is his shadow, and top fashion designers and celebrities know his name. But how did “ TheSalonGuy” build his brand in just a few short years and create a popular YouTube channel with over 8 million views?

Marinaro graduated high school with no direction for a career. After a crush on a girl in the neighborhood hair salon turned into a job as an assistant, he discovered a passion for hair styling and earned his license. After four years of working in the industry he explored a few other career choices, but only after suffering through the death of his mother, did he evaluate what he really wanted and returned to his first love to develop the on camera personality, “TheSalonGuy”. Stephen began his YouTube channel as a place to provide hair styling tips, showcase top industry talent and provide inspiration.

Using his connections to get in the door of the fashion and celebrity world, his unique style and personality quickly grew his YouTube audience into numbers that got the attention of industry insiders such as Broadband TV, Rightster, and CDS which has propelled his channel to over 8 million views. TheSalonGuy is now recognized as more than a media personality, his online network provides branding and event production services as well as web development, graphic design, and SEO, helping other entrepreneurs grow their own brand and online presence. In our interview with Stephen, he shares his entrepreneurial journey and insight into what it takes to grow a successful career in media and production.

 TheSalonGuy’s 5 Tips for Building a Successful Brand

  1. Love what you do: Don’t shy away from creating an online persona for yourself.
  2. Connect and share: Use social media to network and reach out to people you want to work with.
  3. Keep all doors open: A professional and trusted reputation will bring career-changing opportunities. Don’t turn them down.
  4. Build from the ground up: When people “like” your posts, videos, or statuses, don’t think of them as “likes”, but as people to interact with.
  5. Learn social media etiquette: Understand the rules and don’t use other’s pages for self-promotion. Following this advice will earn the respect of those you want to work with.

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