Top 5 Fashion Podcasts

The Top 5 Fashion Podcasts to Listen to Now

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5 Fashion Podcasts You Need to Listen to

Whether you’re in your car for your daily commute, taking a walk around the block, or just want something new to do because you are stuck at home these top 5 fashion podcasts are sure to peak your interest. The fashion industry is ever changing and a podcast is just one way to keep yourself up on everything that is going on.

  • Dior Talks

Dior talks made the top of the top 5 fashion podcasts list because of its versatility and wide range of topics. Their website describes the podcast as “Dior Talks is an ongoing series of compelling podcasts that explore the House’s position at the intersection of art, culture and society. Featuring a rotating lineup of specialized hosts, each series examines a particular theme, with topics as varying as feminist art, styling and the environment, as well as informative discussions on the heritage of the House itself.”

What makes this podcast truly stand out is the diversity in topics and the ability to examine new and ongoing parts of the fashion and art industries. The diverse selection of guests offers a unique opportunity to learn about the fashion industry not just from those in high up positions but also those who create everything whether it’s designer, photographers, or artistic directors.

  • Dream it Real by Coach

 Dream it real by Coach offers a different perspective on the podcast compared to Dior Talks. This podcast is hosted weekly by Hben Nigatu. Each week features guests, many of which are celebrities like Selena Gomez. According to their website the podcast is, “A podcast for those who dream, brought to you by Coach. Each episode, our host talks with celebrities, thought leaders and young people about their dreams—for themselves, for their communities and for the world.” While every episode does not specifically focus on fashion there are a number of guests who do. 

  • The Business of Fashion

 The Business of Fashion official podcast focuses not only on what is going on in the fashion industry, but gives a taste of the commerce side of the industry. For those who are looking to expand their brand while learning about their customers and what is going on in the fashion industry this may be the podcast for you. Click here to listen.

  • The Cutting Room Floor

 This podcast by up and coming designer Recho Omondi is for those who want to talk not just about fashion but also about the issues in the industry. This podcast features industry insiders who talk about current events. This podcast is known for conversations about diversity. Listen here.

  • Business of HYPE 

This final podcast while not classified as a fashion podcast does talk about everything that is being hyped up and as you can imagine fashion makes its way into many episodes. The weekly podcast is hosted by Jeff Staple and is an interview series that dives into the successful careers of well-known creatives, brand-builders and entrepreneurs from various corners of youth culture. Listen here.

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