January 12 • 13 • 14

Join us for 3 days of Texworld New York City Virtual Trade Show & Happy Hours.

Register now for the 2021 Texworld Virtual Trade Show! Held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, January 12 - 14th, this is the perfect opportunity for designers to connect with local & international manufacturers and make appointments to discuss your textile needs. Texworld Attendees will be able to browse various products, stream complimentary sessions, and network with industry experts!

Happy Hour Networking

Join us every afternoon for Happy Hour Networking on Zoom with each day focused on a new topic! Fashion Mingle will introduce you to experts who will answer your questions on each day's scheduled topic. Live entrance to the webinar will be capped at the first 30 attendees, but unlimited attendees can join via Chat and ask questions and make connections. Live Attendees will get to introduce themselves, and ask an expert a question or share a need they have.

Digital Marketing IQ


Featuring experts in web design, social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, and digital advertising. Suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to improve their digital marketing.

Meet Our Experts 

Glynis Tao of Chase Your Dreams - Ask Glynis about keyword research, content strategy, and link building.

Oliver Archer of Archer Pictures, LLC - Ask Oliver about potrait & fashion photography, photo editing (retouching), and creating a model portfolio.

Melissa Shea of Fashion Mingle - Ask Melissa about website design, email marketing, social media marketing, and advertising.

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Influencers Unscripted


Featuring Influencers who work with designers and lifestyle brands. Suitable for designers and brands who want to learn how to work with Influencers.

Meet Our Experts

Joanna Faith Williams - Ask Joanna about working with style & beauty Influencers.

Olga Ferrara - Ask Olga about working with fashion influencers and stylists. 

Melissa Shea of Fashion Mingle - Ask Melissa about hiring Influencers, preparing your list of deliverables, and contracts.

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Production Power Hour


Featuring experts in apparel production, sustainability, small batch manufacturing, international sourcing, and Made in the USA.
Suitable for manufacturing service providers and designers who want to learn how to source and produce a collection in the most cost effective ways.

Meet Our Experts

Boaz David of Human B - Ask Boaz about product development, production, and sustainability.

Christine Daal, of Fashion Angel Warrior - Ask Christine about digital marketing, small batch manufacturing, and design & costing for profit.

Randi Seiff, of Randi Seiff Design - Ask Randi about branding and sourcing.

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Friday, July 17
5 Tools for Faster Organic Social Media Growth
Are you ready to optimize your potential and take your brand to a new level? This week we will be talking to Grace about how to improve your organic social media reach. You’ll learn the secrets, tips, tools and hacks she’s effectively used to create her large and engaged following. >>Meet Grace Lee


Friday, July 31
How to Create an Internship Program for Fashion Industry Brands and Students
This week we will talk to Andrea and Eurydice about how to structure and design an internship program that will produce desired results for your business. We will hear from our Fashion Mingle intern Erica Yanus about things to look out for when applying and interviewing for your dream intern position.>>Meet Andrea, Eurydice, and Erica


Friday, August 7
Diversity in the Fashion Industry - Why Diversity on Marketing Teams is Good for Business.
In our second Diversity in the Fashion Industry mastermind session, our panelists will share their experiences and advice on why diverse marketing teams is actually good for business. We'll talk about how major brand PR catastrophes like racist t-shirts and cultural misappropriations could have been completely avoided by having a marketing team with diverse viewpoints and life experiences.  >> Meet our panelists