Tech & Sustainability in Fashion

Tech & Sustainability in Fashion | Livestream

In Livestream, New York by Melissa Shea

Livestream panel discussion on the intersection of tech and sustainability in fashion. The program is a part of Fashion Week Brooklyn and produced by BK Style Foundation , The Chi Group and Fashion Mingle.

Moderator: Jill Manoff, Editor-in-chief of Glossy
Celine Semaan, Founder of The Library and Slow Factory
Veronika Harbick, CEO and Co-Founder of Thursday Finest
Ira Levy, Founder of LEVY | NYC
Mikaila Brown, Founder and CEO of The Common Thread Project
Scott Luxor, Director of the NYC Green Festival
Kristen Luong, Fashion Designer for KROMAGNON

Moderator: Jill Manoff, Glossy Media @glossyco

Jill Manoff is the editor-in-chief of Glossy, which explores the transformation of the fashion, luxury, beauty and retail industries through the lens of digital and technology. She oversees the editorial content and growth strategy of the media brand, launched in May 2016. Manoff has also worked for Mode Media the editor of, as well as an editor of searsStyle and head copywriter inSears’ apparel division. She started her career in St. Louis as the fashion editor of Alive magazine, the fashion director and co-founder of Saint Louis Fashion Week, and a freelance fashion stylist, working for brands including Anheuser-Busch and Caleres.

Celine Semaan, Slow Factory ​@theslowfactory
Designer, Advocate, Speaker, Writer, Founder of The Library and Slow Factory. Céline coined the term #fashionactivism and focused on her work and research as an MIT Director’s Fellow on culture, consumer behavior, sustainability and politics. She is a contributing writer to The Cut, Refinery 29, Teen Vogue, and Huffington Post.

Veronika Harbick, Thursday Finest ​@thursdayfinest
Veronika Harbick lives at the forefront of technology. Earliest experiences creating video content at NBC evolved into pioneering the very first digital media campaigns for Fortune 500 brands and ultimately her latest role as an entrepreneur. Today she is the CEO and Co-Founder of Thursday Finest, a game-changing fashion technology startup using 3D-knitting to re-invent the apparel industry from the ground up.

Ira Levy, LEVY | NYC ​@levynyc
Ira Levy fell in love with events nearly 40 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. His career in events gave him a front-row seat to imagine what could be possible when you push the boundaries of a live experience. It is that precision and vision that helped him create something truly remarkable, LEVY | NYC. Ira built LEVY | NYC on the principles of innovation, technology and, architecture; and has been applied to every project we accept. we have also checked ps4 port forwarding tutorial from ps4 remote play and it was really good initiative.

Mikaila Brown, The Common Thread @tctproject
Mikaila Brown is the founder and CEO of The Common Thread Project, a company that practices applied, fashion anthropology. Founded in 2015, The Common Thread Project takes an anthropological approach to unpacking the historical, cultural, and political roots behind why local communities wear what they wear. Her company works with local fashion artisans (i.e., designers, boutique owners and stylists) to help them to better provide design options that are as cultural sensitive as they as are consumable.

Scott Luxor, Green Activist @scottluxor
Scott Luxor is a Green activist who believes that ecology is a trend that encompasses everything we do in life. It’s not just about recycling, but it is the paradigm that will define our Next Society. Scott was the Director of the NYC Green Festival in 2017 at the Jacob Javits Center that drew about 20,000 attendees. The Green Festival signed on more than 200 Green Businesses as well as dozens of eco-nonprofits and showcased a successful Sustainable Fashion Show as one of the main focuses of the event.

Kristen Luong, Fashion Designer @kromagnonnyc
Kristen Luong’s brand KROMAGNON is streetwear reimagined for both men and women. KROMAGNON
uses sustainable and ecologically friendly practices and fuses them with Kristen’s aesthetic yielding
dramatic and unique collections. Everything is sustainable, organic, natural, upcycled and most
importantly biodegradable and made in New York City, NY, USA.

About Melissa Shea

Melissa Shea is the co-founder of Fashion Mingle and has spent over 20 years in the creative industry fueled by a love of learning about the “next new thing”. Melissa has used her entrepreneurial passion and technology skills to develop an online platform for fashion professionals that will transform the future for local fashion communities.

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