LA’s STRAPPED Comes to Brooklyn – An Interview By Batsheva Weinstein

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Batsheva Weinstein Interview with Jordan Wiseley of Strapped.

I sat down with Jordan Wiseley at the MaCarren Hotel in Brooklyn on a hot summer day to talk about his new collection. Jordan is the founder of Strapped Manufactured Goods Co. His new collection is now available on the

Q: Can you tell us about your new collection and your background coming into the fashion world?

A: My background is in old things. I grew up racing cars and motorcycles. There is a   whole culture around the country, motors and grit. I grew up watching John Wayne, Steve McQueen and Paul Newman; they inspired me.This whole collection and really everything that Strapped has put out until now is an ode to the classics. Everyone is searching for that nostalgia. You see major brands selling distressed clothing because people want to be wearing something unique. Our designs for our first collection reflect what we feel is classic and nostalgic. Every item is classic but still has a modern, trendy feel to make it stand out and be noticed.

Q: Who is your ideal customer?

A: You need to be brave, ambitious and willing to test your boundaries. We are dropping snakeskin joggers and a cuffed stretch leather pant. We know that not everyone is going to reach for our designs but we want that. We want our customer to feel like our clothing was made for them.

Q: Where can you find and purchase the Strapped collection?

A: We are sold online and we just launched our new website. We made our website a place people can go to have fun. We used music and sound as inspiration for the design. We are very musically driven, and it shows in our work. We have a yearning to team with artists, and musicians. I’ll listen to certain artists when I am designing because their music is the feeling that I am going for with that piece.

Q: What is your favorite piece in this collection?

A: My favorite piece is the snakeskin joggers. Leather pants have this stigma of being very hot and hard to put on. We worked really hard to develop a leather that is not too thick. It is suede on the inside so it is soft on the skin. We were meticulous about getting the print right on the outside so that you have a really nice textured snakeskin. We also added zippers for a cooling effect; you can unzip and show some skin.

Strapped is a lifestyle brand. They have previously designed motorcycles, bags and jackets. Check out their new collection on their website.

Check out Strapped on Fashion Mingle

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