Sienna Li at the Jane Hotel, photo by CurtisXinPan

Sienna Li: Polarity at the Jane Hotel

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At NYFW this year on February 13 Sienna Li released their latest collection into the wild at the iconic Jane Hotel. The theme was “Polarity”. The inspiration behind this stunning collection was the industrial shift at the close of the 20th century. As women joined the workforce they led a bit of a dual life. They wore gowns with puffed sleeves at night as well as factory worker’s clothes during the day. This influence is easy to find in Sienna Li’s new collection.

The masculine influence of the industrial was easy to spot in the use of plaid and wool. Meanwhile stunning beading and lace lent an undeniable femininity to this new collection by Sienna Li. Costume beads, buttons, and a rebellious combination of animal prints were also on display.

Sienna Li: About the Designer

Sienna Li combines classic romance with modern sensibility. This upscale, ready-to-wear brand features custom couture that will make any woman feel her most beautiful. Founded by fashion designer Sienna Li, the brand’s headquarters is in NYC’s garment district. Their team is made up of experienced pattern makers and seamstresses who help bring these romantic pieces of clothing to life.

Sienna’s business thrives in part due to her knowledge and experiences beyond fashion. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Chinese literature and a master’s degree in English literature. This extensive background in literature gives her a profound supply of inspiration for her fashion designs. The classical influence can be spotted in each collection that she presents.

While working as a journalist in London and interviewing creative talents, Sienna decided to take on the fashion industry. Since then she has trained in Central Saint Martins and enrolled in Parsons the New School of Design. She has also worked in the studios of Jason Wu and Johnathan Cohen. To learn more, head to

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