Shopping Party Planning Secrets

Fashion Event Coordinator Reveals Her Shopping Party Planning Secrets

In Event Promotionby Syretta Avent

Every fashionista eagerly awaits invitations to swanky soirees, which present the opportunity to slip into that newly purchased, flirty dress, and striking stilettos. A Shopping Party, also known as a Fashion Mixer, is a festive and stylish affair in which a variety of vendors, entrepreneurs, boutiques (including social media boutiques, mobile boutiques, and brick and mortar, alike) converge.

The pulse of an effervescent soundtrack, attendees appeased by “light bites” to eat and cocktails, and the premise of profitable vendor merchandising and gratified vendees are the components of a successful shopping party. As a fashion event coordinator, I’d like to share with you my guide to producing a lucrative, grandiose event.

Syretta Avent's Shop Party Flyer

Syretta Avent’s Shop Party Flyer

My Guide to Producing a Profitable Shopping Party

Who will be invited to vend? Who comprises your target demographic?

Keep in mind that vendors can “make or break” an entire affair. I am prudent in my quest to acquire the perfect vendors, who play a vital role in the success of shopping parties.  The right vendors beget a professional, fun environment while generating profit. This builds a loyal and valuable relationship between the both of you.

In consideration of your target audience (the shoppers), analyze potential merchants according to the affordability and profitability of their products. Clothing, accessories, and all other offerings should be relatable to the demographic of the event.

What is the occasion for said event?

Avid shoppers don’t need an occasion or reason to shop and party! Some party organizers elect to donate a portion of the party’s proceeds to charities. In most cases, these charities either publicize the event to their donors or turn over their donor list to the event coordinator. As a result, the donors attend the charitable shopping party.

When should my shopping party be held?

Both weekend and daytime parties are ideal but first, select a tentative date. Next check your personal and local event calendars to ensure the tentative date doesn’t coincide with any other events. Once a date is picked, begin reaching out to potential venues and vendors.

Where should my shopping party be held?

Research and explore your metroplex to find an affordable and attractive scene for the shindig. Consider the surroundings, safety, parking (proximity of parking lot to door), venue management and staff prior to securing the space. Once the setting is secured, determine the number of vendors you can host. Lavish hotels, ornate lounges and cushy bars are wonderful locales.

Why host a shopping party of your own?

With well-coiffed hair and signature cocktail in hand, live out your coveted Carrie Bradshaw moment!  This is your chance to empower yourself and your contemporaries. As the ambassador of a prosperous shopping party, you will gainfully profit from vendor fees while gaining notoriety amongst the local fashion elite.

Still need more vendor acquisition information and tips? Part two of my Shopping Party Guide will be published soon with details on how to get the vendors your party guests will swoon for! Get more style guides and entrepreneurial tips from industry movers and shakers on’s Facebook page today.

Bonne Chance!

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