Samantha Black Delivers Vibrant Spring/Summer 2016 Collection at NYFW

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The evening began with a simple get together with a fellow photographer and teammate at a small coffee shop on 7th Ave, where we enjoyed chatting over coffee and tea. To my surprise, I was invited to pick up another show which was scheduled to take place that same evening, just a few blocks west with none other than the photographer I was having coffee with.

We made our way over to the Apostles Ballroom on 9th Ave and eventually into the press pit. After setting up, we waited just a little bit more for Samantha Black’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Samantha Black is an acclaimed designer and former season 11 Project Runway contestant who’s known for her unique designs.

With and incredible opening performance from V Bozeman known for her powerful vocals as well as her opening to the premier episode of FOX’s Empire, the crowed was presented with the tone of the show. Starting out in a bold feature of prints the read ZAP! and a patch of red lips, the show was off to an interesting start.

Samantha’s line, known as Sammy B., was off to a great start, as a perfect blend of shirts and hooded sweaters walked before me as all the cameras in the press pit clicked away. As model after model walked the runway, Samantha’s vision was clearly defined. Each piece had its own unique texture and blend of casual-meets-streetwear-couture. It was very exciting to watch and photograph!

The line made a smooth transition from printed shirts and hooded sweatshirts to interesting metallic gowns and skirts. Fascinated by these eye-catching designs, I eagerly anticipated the next girl to walk down the runway. The outfits featuring the metallic colored designs held elements of the previously shown streetwear style, including a hooded top and matching shorts and a line of fringed dresses.

The showcase was finished with a few gowns and short dresses. Walking before me was an outfit of a button down short sleeve top and matching shorts that radiated a hypnotic blue. Bold blues and oranges, varied patterns and designs, and full jumpsuits paraded down the runway.

A white body suit wrapped up the vibrant segment, and made a transition into my favorite designs of the collection. The segment included striped patterns and intricately cut fabrics, allowing each design to flow and come to life. Vibrant reds and luscious blues were integrated into this portion of Samantha Black’s Spring/Summer collection.

Over all this night was one to remember. As New York Fashion Week began to wind down, I felt honored to witness and photograph Samantha Black’s 2016 Spring/Summer collection. This designer has definitely stood out with her wide variety of versatile pieces in this collection. I am very interested to see what is in the future for Sammy B. as a brand and to see Samantha Black as the designer push forward in an extravagant way!

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