Several designs from the Rubin Singer NYFW SS17 Presentation. Photo by Patrick Hovan.

The Otherworldly Rubin Singer NYFW Collection

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The Rubin Singer NYFW collection for Spring / Summer 2017 was displayed in a presentation style. Mannequins wore Singer’s elegant garments which embodied an intergalactic fantasy that was unlike anything else we saw at this year’s Fashion Week.

My knowledge and deep curiosity for the universe and cosmic new worlds is something I often day dream about. It serves as a never-ending source of personal inspiration. Rubin Singer’s presentation was like walking into one of my own concepts.

Upon entering the showroom, I first took notice of his choice to use mannequins rather then living models. However this did not mean that the use of mannequins did not exude life! Each one was fantastically dressed in a piece from his new collection, the presence was almost eerily packed with life. It almost felt like one of them could reach out and touch me at any moment. This presence, whether I am the only one that felt it or not, added so much to his concept as if these mannequins and this collection was indeed from another world.

The collection consisted of a great variety of beautiful dresses and gowns as well as sleek jackets, tops, and trousers. Running with the theme of space, there was a great use of deep blues in the collection. Others employed intricate detail backed with warm colors that perfectly embodied the spring season. Surrounding the collection was an incredible use of black walls covered in many small lights simulating that stars in deep space. Walking through the stars to each piece was complemented with soft etherial music emulating the vast curiosity of cosmic travel, it was almost hypnotic.

As the show wrapped up it was an amazing experience and a phenomenally different approach to a presentation. Rubin managed to captivate me with his inspiration from deep space and his impressive collection. The whole room sparkled as if everyone in the showroom was walking through a sea of stars, traveling together with these intergalactic beings dressed fabulously in the Rubin Singer NYFW collection.

Interview with Fashion Designer Rubin Singer

Photographer: Patrick Hovan

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