Reem Acra Electrifies at NYFW: The Shows Fall/Winter 2016

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“Launching Reem Acra New York in 1997, her success in the exclusive bridal market was secure. Today she is recognized as one of the leading designers in the world of fashion.”[1] Having already heard the name and being familiar with her work, I felt this quote was only necessary.

As snow began to fall as I made my way through New York City, little did I know the electrifyingly beautiful mood was already set for what I was not only about to photograph, but the story I was about to be a part of. When I say electrifyingly beautiful I am, of course, speaking about the Reem Acra Fall/Winter 2016 collection at New York Fashion Week.

Returning once more to the extravagant Skylight at Moynihan station, anticipation and a hint of anxiety set in as I picked up my credentials and made my way backstage. Backstage seemed to be a little more relaxed then previous experiences. Haven gotten there early, I watched models arrive and head to hair and makeup. I spent a few minutes photographing the hair and makeup processes, as well as nail artists prep models and moved on to get a look at the wardrobe. To my surprise the wardrobe was in garment bags on clothing racks with each models photo and names on them. Since it wasn’t time to fit the models for the show, the collection remained hidden which only made things even more exciting and exclusive.

After spending time backstage, I quickly made my way to the press pit to assure my spot in the front. Spending some time talking with fellow photographers and exchanging information and fashion week stories, show time began to near. The venue became filled with guests and the lights dimmed to indicate the start of the show.

Reem Acra Fall/Winter 2016 Collection at NYFW

The collection was accentuated by soft classical music; its romantic ambiance was hypnotizing. The runway was made of black plexiglass and each model walking up and down it reflected as if they were walking on water. Each piece, designed so intricately, was so very unique in its own way. A prominent feature in this collection was the use of sheer and lace fabrics. Other pieces were made with silk and offerings of fringe.

Reem Acra Fall/Winter 2016 Collection at NYFW

The collection featured some of the most beautiful gowns I have ever seen, intermingled within such a breathtaking collection. The entire event was a thing of beauty in itself, the kind of thing you can only imagine in fairy tales and storybook romances.

Even with its romanticized qualities this collection is extremely versatile, replete with sleek black dresses, as well as gowns in colors such as blues, reds, and yellows, all accessorized with sparkling gems.

Reem Acra Fall/Winter 2016 Collection at NYFW

As an art and literature enthusiast, especially for Romantic era masterpieces, it was more than a pleasure to be able to photograph the stimulating beauty of the Reem Acra Fall/Winter 2016 collection. Not easily amused or enchanted, this collection truly elevated my senses as when one lays his eyes upon a magnificent work of art. The designer’s passion, as clearly told through the collection’s artsy and storytelling, made the entire runway show exciting.

Reem Acra Fall/Winter 2016 Collection at NYFW

Reem Acra is definitely on top of my list of designers to keep up with! Her passion for her art is contagious. I can only hope that my passion for fashion photography and creating art is just as visually striking as the Reem Acra Fall/Winter 2016 collection.

Reem Acra Fall/Winter 2016 Collection at NYFW

All photography by Patrick Hovan.

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