Raising Awareness on Sustainable Fashion At Global Fest 2019

In Fashion & Culture, Fashion Events, New Yorkby Naporje Washington

In recent years we as humanity have witnessed the effects on our environment. More and more these days we see companies thriving to make a change and switch to more sustainable options. Whether it be biodegradable materials or sustainable energies, Keeping our planet clean is of the utmost importance. As the fashion industry continues to flourish it’s impact on the world ecologically is more alarming than ever. With the growing amounts of old textiles being discarded, not reused or composted in a safe way to the environment, the movement of sustainable fashion has grown exponentially over the past few years. 

The NYC Fair Trade Coalition is a great example of people in the fashion industry taking a stand on making the art and creativity of fashion better for the earth. At the Global Fest event guests were given resources to sustainable brands and shown how to be fashionable, cost conscious and sustainable with the fashion demonstration. Sponsored and supplied by the Goodwill, models were styled in pieces that were intriguing, yet suitable to everyday wear. Awards were given to three female leaders who are dedicated to paving the way for more sustainable fashion; Jessica Schreiber, Ngozi Okara, and Isabel Varela.
As we move forward as a take away from the event, it remains important that acknowledge the affects on the earths climate and play our part on making a change. Cleaner energies and cleaner materials are a major part of the future of fashion and the future of humanity. Global Fest 2019 is just another reminder that we are moving in the right direction and each designer displayed a remarkable collection, setting a standard, and pushing the boundaries on sustainable fashion. The trend continues to grow and the use of sustainable materials and recycled materials continues to grow from a trend, to an industry standard and over all staple in modern fashion. 

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