Final Oxford Fashion Studio Show Explodes with Electrifying Color for S/S 2019

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Multi-colored everything is a trend you’ll be seeing this coming Spring according to the third Oxford Fashion Studio Shows which showcased several collections that made a serious case for wearing bold colors. After a day spent at the renowned Pier 59 Studios along the stretch of Chelsea Piers on the bank of the Hudson River in New York City, we found ourselves braced for the final presentation of designers. Ready to make their NYFW debut in these famous galleries. Read on for rainbow wardrobe inspiration.


This collection was labeled “Jet Set” and inspired by nine different destinations, aiming to give the wearer a glamorous appearance. The Lesunja jewelry collection was particularly intriguing for its final piece, a necklace linked with bracelets via thin chains, lending the model a delicate wing-like effect, which stood out among the rest of its pieces. Although I can see myself wearing most of the pieces, the the rest of the collection was quietly elegant compared to the final necklace which stood out for commanding attention.


This collection did not adhere to traditional spring colors or textures, but actually seemed appropriate for fall with its jewel-toned sequined and shimmering evening wear pieces. The feminine designs were complemented by a wild energy that came through in its vibrant colors. One matching top and skirt set had a two-toned sequin effect, which a model displayed on the runway by running her hand down the skirt, changing the color from purple to turquoise. Overall the collection stood out for its texture and colors, presenting great going-out pieces for a variety of seasons.

Meticulously Eccentric

Bold, eccentric and electrifying are the only ways to describe the neon, neoprene collection Meticulously Eccentric by designer Andreya Taylor. Watching these pieces go down the runway was like a visual shot of espresso, you immediately sat more upright in your seat and paid attention to the clothes that demanded attention. The first model sashayed down the runway twirling neon tassels, effectively making onlookers ‘oooh’ and ‘aaah’ in the crowd. On top of being a great collection that would make the wearer feel confident and seen, this collection was a treat to see as a spectator, making this my favorite collection of the third Oxford Fashion Studio Shows.

DM Jewelry Designs

The DM Jewelry Designs collection was my favorite jewelry collection shown out of all three Oxford Fashion Studio Shows. It was equal parts mysterious and edgy, mixing dark and bright jewels in shapes with sharp angles. Every piece seemed thoughtfully made and the pieces were glamorous and exciting without being ostentatious.

Megan Cannings

The couture collection of sweetly feminine dresses by Megan Cannings which closed out the Oxford Fashion Studio Shows was worth the wait. A frilly and fresh celebration of femininity, the collection seemed fit for a fashionable princess, thoroughly making me wish I had an occasion to wear the gowns to. My favorite thing about the dresses was the understated beauty, they weren’t flashy or shiny glittering gowns by any means, but they were still profoundly beautiful for their subtlety. The final dress was a stunning off-white princess gown that was a true show stopper with a huge tulle skirt which

As New York Fashion Week comes to a close what a powerful send off it was with Oxford Fashion Studios. With the debut of so many up and coming designers getting the chance to show on the NYFW stage and in the galleries of Pier 59 studios no less. As each season changes and evolves I believe Oxford Fashion Studios has developed something extraordinarily refreshing. Hailing from the United Kingdom each season and showing in every major market during the fashion month, all I can do now is look forward to next season and see what Oxford has in store for New York Fashion Week.


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