6 Tips to Help You Find Your Personal Style

In Style Advice by Melissa Shea

Hal Rubenstein, Fashion Director of InStyle magazine, shares his tips for finding your own personal style. From taking the time to be unforgettable to putting the cabash on trends that don’t work for you, Rubenstein offers some no nonsense advice that will help you fine-tune your wardrobe and reap the benefits of a well-defined personal style.

  1. Often we don’t want to invest the time it takes to “be unforgettable”. Invest time with yourself!
  2. Find things that make you crazy… in a good way! If you’re “mad” for piece of clothing, every time you wear it, you’ll get a rush.
  3. Don’t save the clothes you love for a special occasion – wear them out and buy new ones!
  4.  Use clothes to help you get what you want – looking your best gives you the advantage.
  5. Find the trends that work for you – don’t follow a trend if it’s not your personal style.
  6. If you can look in the mirror before leaving the house and say “Cool!”, your whole day is going to be better!

Got a great personal style? Share your tips for creating your personal style in the comments below.


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