NYFW Survival Kit!

What’s In My Bag? The NYFW Survival Kit

In Fashion Week, marketingby Erica Yanus

Now that you’ve figured out what to wear to NYFW, you still have to pack your bag! Surviving NYFW can be a real challenge if you aren’t prepared, but this NYFW survival kit has you covered. These are all the necessities to bring with you to New York Fashion Week. 

NYFW Survival Kit Planning: Come Prepared

I recommend bringing and using a crossbody bag at NYFW. It’s hands free and less of a hassle than a regular bag you have to carry around the entire day. Don’t forget your electronics like your phone, a portable charger, a camera and headphones. Download any apps you’ll need before leaving in case the event doesn’t have wifi. 

You don’t want to forget money or your MetroCard to get you around the city to all the shows and parties! If you don’t want to carry around a large wallet, you can get a card holder to hold everything including your ID.

You may be out all day and some events may not offer food, you also might not have time to stop out and grab something. Pack some snacks like an energy bar or trail mix, that will keep you going and fit in your bag with no problem! You should also bring a water bottle because it’s important to stay hydrated! 

Use a NYFW Survival Kit to Look Your Best

Having extra makeup with you is obviously a must. You can use a small makeup bag to hold all your products. This bag can be used as your portable makeup kit for all future occasions. I suggest bringing lipstick, mascara and a powder to keep your skin looking fresh. Blotting paper is an alternative if you don’t like powder. You should already know what products you’ll be using for your makeup look, so all you have to do is take those and throw them in your bag when you’re finished!  

You’ll probably also need to touch up your hair at some point during the event. You can play it safe and bring a small brush, travel sized dry shampoo, bobby pins and some hair ties.

Don’t Get Stuck in Uncomfortable Shoes

If you have to run around between events, and odds are you will, a comfortable change of shoes is a smart thing to pack. You should keep roll on perfume and deodorant with you, in case you want to freshen up throughout the day. You can also pack some gum, mints or mini mouthwash to avoid bad breath. A mini container of hand sanitizer and hand lotion are also good ideas, you may be shaking a lot of hands and it’s better to be safe than sorry!

It’s always good to be prepared for anything.  Band aids can help with everything. Keep Advil/Ibuprofen with you if you don’t feel well. Safety pins also come in handy and can fix all your wardrobe malfunctions. 

Although everything is electronic now, you should still bring a pocket notebook and a pen. You may need to jot something down!  Fashion Week is also a great place to network so make sure to bring some of your business cards as well. You may meet someone who wants to work with you! 

The weather in New York City is unpredictable. I’d bring sunglasses, an umbrella, a scarf, hat and gloves in case of emergency. 

See You at Fashion Week!

If you’ve taken all of the above into consideration then you NYFW survival kit is ready. Hopefully, this helps you remember what to bring! Don’t forget to bring your survival kit to Fashion Mingle’s NYFW Networking Party!


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