NYFW Secrets Revealed

NYFW Secrets Revealed! Fashion Week’s Best Kept Secrets

In Behind-the-Scenes, Fashion Weekby Erica Yanus

Everyone who attends New York Fashion Week has something to share, and learning these NYFW secrets is one of our favorite parts of our annual networking party. Take a look at the a few best kept secrets of NYFW given by the attendees of last year’s Fashion Mingle Networking Party thanks to red carpet host and Fashion Mingle ambassador Will Abi Rafeh!

Podcasting opens new doors

Robert Sanchez discusses his podcast that covers fashion events worldwide. NYFW brings people from all over the world together. This allows us to gain different perspectives on the ever-changing fashion industry.  His podcast aims to do something similar. They bring in executives from the industry to gain more information on fashion worldwide. Podcasting has become a large trend in the past few years. Add podcasting as another way to attend NYFW! As for Robert’s go to look for Fashion Week: Cowboy boots, a blazer and jeans!

Hard work is key


Designer Grayling Purnell had a few NYFW secrets to share! Here he discusses his latest collections and inspiration. He embodies hard work, confidence and is inspired by himself. If you’re trying to break into the industry this outlook could go a long way! As for his designs, Robin Atwood is wearing one of his pieces and it shows off the glamour of Fashion Week. If you’re unsure of what to wear, take note!

Social media is here to stay

Paris Chanel discusses her experience with New York Fashion Week. Like podcasting, the use of social media has become a whole new way to experience the fashion industry, specifically NYFW. She could have attended NYFW using her profession as a model, instead she attended by winning our contest! If you really want to go to Fashion Week, try every method before giving up. Make sure to keep an eye on our social media for upcoming contests as well!

NYFW secrets don’t end at the runway

Actress Katie Vincent and producer Usher Morgan discuss their latest films and their experience in the industry. Katie was able to find out more about who she is by writing and directing a short film. She made her career by building from the ground up. Usher, is trying to break the mold in the short film industry by utilizing CGI in his film. They both show that no matter what your profession is, attending fashion week is an attainable goal.

Photographers earn their place at fashion week

Fashion photographer, Frank Rocco talks about his experience with NYFW. He enjoys the backstage environment more than the risers. However, he can’t completely complain because the risers allow him to catch unique shots that others missed. Shooting pictures on the street or in the subway allows him to flex his creative muscles and do something different. A takeaway from this interview, you can make the best out of everything at fashion week! Don’t forget Frank’s style: An all black outfit which allows him to blend, in style, behind the scenes.

Business owners have the best NYFW secrets

Modeling is a great way to break into the fashion industry and attend NYFW. Who better to share their secrets than Dale Noelle, owner of True Model Management! She discusses NYFW and her experience with Fashion Mingle events. Dana has a past as a model and used her love for connecting with people to start her own company. Her company encourages inclusivity and philanthropy. TMM hires every kind of model you can imagine; from hair models to shoe models to commercial models. This is a testament to how many different paths you could follow that could lead you to fashion’s biggest event! 

See you on Sept 8th at ROW NYC!

Everyone featured in this article comes from a different background. Yet, they are all still very knowledgeable about the fashion industry. Attending a networking event allows you to discover new ways to be involved in fashion, while also discover NYFW’s best kept secrets.