NYFW Makeup Looks made easy

NYFW Makeup Looks Made Easy: 8 Tips

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New York Fashion Week is rapidly approaching and there is so much to think of. Have you picked out your NYFW makeup looks yet? What about what you’re wearing? If you want to stay red-carpet ready, here are 8 ways to make sure your makeup is on point at NYFW.

Perfecting your NYFW Makeup Looks

Tip 1: Test it out. Before heading out the door to your NYFW events, test the makeup products and look you’re going to wear. This saves you the stress of figuring out everything the day of, and will help you be prepared for unexpected surprises from new products.

Tip 2: Light it up. Put your make-up on in front of a close-up mirror with natural light. This way, you can see what it actually looks like. 

Tip 3: Always prime. Apply a primer to make your look last all day and night, in all weather conditions! Don’t only prime your face, prime your eyes as well! 

Make Your NYFW Makeup Looks Last All Day

Tip 4: Waterproof is key. Opt for waterproof mascara and eyeliner. This improves your chances of your eye makeup lasting.

Tip 5: Don’t forget to set! Apply a lightweight, translucent setting powder after you’re done. This soaks up excess oil left on your skin and sets your makeup. Get a pressed version to take with you, or tap oil prone areas with blotting paper to keep makeup from shifting. 

Tip 6: Find the best setting spray. Using a setting spray is a great way to lock your look in. There are many sprays currently on the market, some of which can add shimmer to your finished look or even transform products into a matte finish. Try buying trial sized bottles so that you can test out a few and find the one you like best.

Photo by Santino Holnagel, backstage at Naeem Khan

Tip 7: Prevent flashback. There’s nothing worse than viewing your red carpet photos only to find flashback from your makeup products. To avoid this unfortunate situation try taking some selfies in various lighting conditions

Tip 8: Be prepared for touchups. Bring extra mascara, lipstick and powder with you for retouching during the event. You never know, you could even bump into someone while touching up your look and use it as a chance to network

Look and feel your best at NYFW

Like clothes, makeup has trends that you can always wear to any event. If you’re wearing bright colors or bold patterns, make sure you don’t over do your makeup. Are you feeling like bright red lips? Great! But try this with a subtle eye look. Want to wear bright blue eyeliner? Awesome – pair it with a nude lip. These ideas will help tie your entire look together and make you look and feel more sophisticated. You can never go wrong with winged eyeliner or a bold lip to spice up your outfit! 

I hope these tips to make sure your makeup is on point at NYFW were helpful. Hopefully they’ll come in handy at Fashion Mingle’s NYFW Networking Party.  Don’t forget to register!

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