Saks Holiday Windows on the Sunnies and Sangria Instagram Takeover!

Instagram Takeover Tour of NYC’s Holiday Windows with @SunniesandSangria!

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Hello! I am Batsheva Weinstein and I write the lifestyle blog Sunnies and Sangria. I cover fashion, travel, as well as things to do in NYC on dates nights, music events, and more. I recently did an Instagram Takeover for Fashion Mingle so I could take everyone on a tour of New York’s holiday windows at the iconic Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales and the famous light show at Saks Fifth Avenue.

I was first introduced to Fashion Mingle before NYFW in September and I reached out to them about their Influencer Unscripted networking party and they told me about their shareit for windows 7 platform for the fashion industry. There’s really nothing else out there that connects people in the fashion industry, so if you haven’t created a profile yet, you should!

When I met with the founders of Fashion Mingle, Melissa Shea and Beth Smith, we really hit it off and they offered me an opportunity to be New York Fashion Mingle Ambassador. I’ve covered NYC fashion events on Sunnies and Sangria and the Fashion Mingle blog, interviewing L.A. fashion brand Strapped, who debuted their collection in Brooklyn, and entrepreneur, Abby Wallach of Scentivent, who created Linger, which is a primer to make your fragrance last longer.

For my Fashion Mingle Instagram Takeover, I’m taking you on a walking tour of New York City to see all the amazing holiday window-scapes!

Holiday Windows from Bloomingdales, Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman and SAKS!

I hope you enjoyed my Fashion Mingle Instagram Takeover! Check out my holiday gift guide on to see some of my favorite gifts this season. Follow me on Instagram for more!

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Batsheva Weinstein is a NY ambassador for Fashion Mingle. She writes the NY based lifestyle blog Sunnies & Sangria that focuses on fashion and travel. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology with an AAS in Accessories Design. She uses her blog as a platform to share her passions and experiences with the world.

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