Nolcha “Ones to Watch” Showcase by Photographer Patrick Hovan

In Nolcha Fashion Week by Patrick Hovan

The day arrived for some of the shows I was very excited to attend. After Thursday evening fashion lounge put on by Nolcha, I was very excited to see what was in store for the runway presentations of the up and coming designers and their Spring/Summer 2016 collections.

Walking through the doors of the glorious Pier 59 Studios, located just along the river on the west side, it was as if my fashion photography dreams were coming true. Although I tried to take in all the excitement, my anticipation for the actual runway shows grew even stronger. Spectators and media personnel alike hurried to their seats as the mood was set and the first designer’s presentation crept closer to showtime.

Finally the lighting was set, and I must say that it was perfect for photographing runway. However, I expected nothing less from Pier 59.

First up was the Charles and Ron fashion house, a heavily Mediterranean inspired brand creating high end wearable clothes and bags. Drawing inspiration from the Maltese culture and keeping true to their vision, their Spring/Summer 2016 collection took to the runway. Charles and Ron set the bar high in a particularly incredible way to kick off the showcase, sending one extravagant piece after another down the runway.

Planet Zero was the next to take to the runway and yet again another familiar designer I recognized, only this time returning from last season. The music grew more intense to portray their vision and cater to the motorsport aspect of the brand. Carefully crafted leather pieces accented with motorcycle helmets and other accessories further accelerated the extreme sportswear concept even further.

Jungwon was the next designer to show their Spring/Summer 2016 collection. As the first model walked down the runway, I was immediately interested in her jacket. Jungwon’s collection consisted of classically beautiful yet sleek jackets. Both male and female models walked for the collection. I was eager to see more.

As a person that may or may not have one too many jackets, I loved Jungwon’s presentation. Although it definitely stood out as a Spring/Summer collection, with its bright colors and lightweight look, some of the other pieces spoke to my love for the Fall season. That says to me that these jackets are extremely versatile.

Next up was Global Citizen, a late added line in honor of the Global Citizen Movement in Central Park on September 26th. Each piece garnished in the name of the Movement was very different from the other designers shows, however it still stood out as a statement. With the festival coming up it was great to see that Global Citizen is making a ripple in the fashion world as well.

The final designer to showcase in the Nolcha: Ones to Watch runway show was Anya Liesnik, and what a finale it was! Liesnik designed an incredible collection of gowns, made with only the most intricate of detail. Complemented with sequence and textured fabrics these gown definitely stood out. This designer’s versatile collection presented over-the-top pieces to evening wear, as well as chic classic looks that would be ideal for a variety of outings. Anya Liesnik’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection was definitely one to remember and an amazing way to end the showcase.

The Nolcha Ones to Watch Showcase was definitely a treat to watch and photograph. I am very honored to have been a part of it. The ending of the show only left me more excited to see the next one. Nolcha definitely knows how to put together a memorable show at New York Fashion Week, and I am definitely looking forward to what they have ready for the upcoming Fall/Winter season in February 2016.

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