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NNCY SS19: Grunge Meets Chic

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NNCY is the creative output of sisters Hannan, Imman and Houda. Having three unique perspectives is part of what makes their label so dynamic. For S/S 2019 Fashion Palette Australia brought NNCY to the NYFW runway for the very first time.

NNCY Runway Video

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NNCY: An Edgy and Chic Collection

NNCY’s NYFW debut consisted of beautiful garments made of silk and denim. The collection featured an effortless blend of casual and formal pieces. While the self-described ‘grunge chic’ team of designers may be new to the NYFW we haven’t seen the last of them. Their designs have already started popping up on celebrities, including singer Ashanti.

“Ashanti has worn our jeans. I want to put that out there. We grew up listening to Ashanti. The jeans are very edgy and they are very different. They have like this criss-cross detailing down the front and they are just super super cool. you can tell she would be comfortable wearing them. We were really happy when we saw those. “

You can always count on Fashion Palette Australia to bring fresh and exciting new designers to NYFW. We can’t wait to see what NNCY has in store for their future collections. There’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing much more of their designers in the meantime.

About Fashion Palette Australia

Since 2009 Fashion Palette has been showcasing designers and giving them the opportunity to share their work. Each year Fashion Palette New York Fashion Week (FPNYFW) works to elevate and showcase Australian fashion designers by bringing them to the NYFW. View Fashion Mingle’s full coverage of Fashion Palette Australia by heading to this page.

To learn more about Fashion Palette Australia check out fashionpalette.com.au. For more information about NNCY head to nncy.com.au.

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