Sophie Weidhaas

Museum Quality Storage
Wardrobe Valet Service
Personal Cyber Closet App
Archival Preservation
Climate Control&Security

Garde Robe Online

Garde Robe is a luxury wardrobe valet service with museum-quality, climate controlled storage. We transform physical closets into Cyber Closets accessed on our app, so members can view and manage their wardrobe collections at home or in GR’s care. Whether you need seasonal wardrobe storage, archival couture preservation, travel wardrobe and delivery worldwide, to designer archiving, Cyber Closets are customized to suit individual needs, while offering complimentary pick up & RTW delivery.

I'm Looking For...

Members with luxury wardrobes and are city residents, travelers, multiple home owners &designers. Partnerships with stylists, organizers, garment care, travel, consignment, charity, consultants &more.