Brianna Fleet

Event Producer

ButterFly Entertainment

Brianna Fleet founded ButterFly Entertainment while attending the University of Texas at Austin. After establishing herself in the fashion industry as a professional print and runway model, Brianna began mentoring and cultivating aspiring young talent as a manager. Applying her professional experience as an event coordinator working for the University of Texas Athletics program to her experience in the fashion industry, she created the ButterFly brand and quickly expanded from fashion to feature a wide repertoire of events including weddings. Brianna has received multiple local and national features, three Golden Boots at the Austin Fashion Awards along with four additional nominations, and has been nominated three times for Austin's 40 Under 40 Awards.

Brianna Fleet was born in Austin, Texas with dual citizenship - US and Canada. She spends time at her secluded family cottage every summer in northern Ontario. Brianna has also traveled throughout North America and Europe, exploring the cultures that make each community unique. Brianna is an advocate for youth participation in sports, coaching little league baseball and softball in the Austin area. She recently earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and Business Foundations from The University of Texas at Austin.