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Do you Sell Custom Designs?

I’m Blessing Okoro, founder and visionary of Perfect Fit; a new custom, digital couture fashion marketplace, featuring fashion designers from around the world. Designers can expand their brand by opening up their own digital fashion shop, and shoppers can place custom orders that are tailored to their body. We would love the chance to share our site with your readers as they deserve a better shopping experience tailored to their needs,and independent designers deserve an easier way to sell their products while making more profit. Why Designers will love Perfect Fit: -The first three months are free, after that it’s a low monthly fee of $5.00 to be a shop owner -There are lower upfront inventory costs as each design purchase can be customized to fit the client and made on demand -Designers can connect directly with the shopper in order to provide specific, custom designs for every aspect of the customers size -They make 100% of the profit from their sales and set their own prices -There is no exclusivity agreement, and no pre-product approval -Storefronts are easily customizable and user friendly At this time we are currently accepting new shop owners and will be officially launching late January, 2018. To check out our site go to and register your shop

December 28, 2017 |