Amsterdam Fashion Week

Friday, August 23    6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Sunday, August 25    6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

As a highly acclaimed Istanbul/Amsterdam based fashion events company, AFWEU (Fashion Week Asia, Fashion Week Africa, Fashion Week Europe) strives to support designers primarily through the event management of fashion shows, catwalk displays, workshops, showcase events and networking. Not only does this provide the opportunity for the world to explore new and exciting men, women and kid’s fashion segments, but it also allows the designers to express their creativity within a strategically produced event environment.
AFWEU is the only Asian/African/European fashion exhibition in Amsterdam and Istanbul that promotes Asian/African/European arts, design, mode and culture both in and out of the continent. We intend to substantialize a platform for fashion, arts, design, music and culture to fashion entrepreneurs and business investors to desire, to connect and grow with like-minded contacts.

AFWEU is the official partner of UNICEF and TURKISH HEART FOUNDATION.
Loods 6
KNSM laan 143, 1019 LB Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam ,

Loods 6 ,KNSM laan 143, 1019 LB Amsterdam, Netherlands, Amsterdam , ,