Mingle Mentor Batsheva Weinstein

Sunnies & Sangria Blogger Batsheva Weinstein Shares Her Favorite NYFW Moments & How She’s Building Her Brand

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Our NYFW Networking Party is our favorite event of the year. These events wouldn’t be complete without our Mingle Mentors. This year we were so lucky to have fashion influencer and lifestyle blogger Batsheva Weinstein as one of our mentors! Batsheva is also one of Fashion Mingle’s founding brand ambassadors.

Interview with Batsheva Weinstein

Thanks so much to our red carpet host Will Abi Rafeh. Make sure to head to our YouTube playlist to see all of our Mingle Mentor interviews.

About Sunnies & Sangria

Batsheva Weinstein is a wildly popular social media influencer with an amazing sense of style. It doesn’t take long to see how she gained such a large following! Batsheva makes the perfect mentor, and she spent the whole night providing amazing insight into the life of an influencer. As far as we can tell there is no question that Batsheva doesn’t know the answer to. 

The greatest part of Batsheva’s wealth of knowledge is her willingness to share the resources and tools she’s used to build her following and her blog. The blog, Sunnies & Sangria, chronicles her travels and daily fashion looks. We’re happy to say that one of Batsheva’s favorite resources is none other than Fashion Mingle.

We’re huge fans of all of the work that Batsheva does, and we can always look forward to seeing her. Thanks so much to Batsheva for taking the time during such an active week to be one of our Mingle Mentors. If you’d like to meet Batsheva and other fashion pros make sure to attend our next event.

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