Fashion Mingle Austin Brand Ambassador Michelle Washington

Fashion Mingle Welcomes Michelle Washington as Austin Brand Ambassador

In Austin by Melissa Shea

Fashion Mingle has launched their first Brand Ambassador in the city that inspired the platform. Michelle Washington is an Austin Style Expert and Fashion Stylist and has been selected as the platform’s first Brand Ambassador, creating a model to grow fashion communities coast to coast. 

As a seasoned fashion industry professional, Michelle Washington is experienced in styling published fashion editorials, celebrity styling, red carpet styling, fashion show production, fashion retail, fashion design, fashion marketing, fashion manufacturing, and a bit international globetrotting. Washington’s career began in men’s tailoring and sportswear and she is a registered GQ Insider.

“It is a true honor to be an Ambassador for Fashion Mingle! The Austin fashion community is growing vastly with such momentum and I am here to ensure that fashion is truly mingling; help members to make connections they have never made before and guide members toward great opportunities. I plan to work with the Austin fashion community and promote our members and encourage people to build their network. Fashion Mingle changes the way fashion does business” say Washington. 

Interview with Jose Luis Salon – NAHA Team of the Year Finalists

Michelle Washington’s first Austin assignment was interviewing the Jose Luis Salon team, finalists for the 2018 North American Hairstyling Awards.  Washington says “Austin is honored to have NAHA team of the year finalist present their talents on a national level; the perfect dream team combination of hair, makeup, and fashion”. 

Michelle will be featuring Fashion Mingle members each month. So if you’re wondering “how do I get featured?”, here are some tips:

  1. Login to your Dashboard and update your profile.
  2. Write a well-written “I’m Looking For” and be specific about what you need. 
  3. Add an upcoming event that you’re hosting or participating in.
  4. Help grow the Austin Fashion Directory by sharing your “Refer-a-Fashion Pro” affiliate link. 

If you’d like to get more involved with helping the Austin Fashion Community grow, email Michelle. You can also follow Michelle on Instagram and Twitter.

Thank you to the following for Michelle’s photo and outfit:

Photographer: Cody Kinsfather
Designer: Amberleaf
Earrings: Kiki Nass

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