Louisville Fashion Stylist Roxanne Dunaway Ambassador Interview

Louisville Fashion Stylist Roxanne Dunaway Shares Insider Knowledge

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We love the Louisville fashion industry and its distinct Southern charm! When it comes to charming Southern gems we can’t help but think of Louisville fashion stylist Roxanne Dunaway of Stilettos with Soul. We’re thrilled to have her as one of our mingle ambassadors. Check out our interview with her below to learn about how Roxanne is changing the Louisville fashion industry.

Q&A with Louisville Fashion Stylist, Roxanne Dunaway

Fashion Mingle: Tell us about yourself and your career so far, how did you become a fashion stylist?

Roxanne Dunaway: Fashion styling was an accidental career choice for me. I spent more than a decade growing tech startup‘s, but always keeping my eye on fashion and being the go-to person for styling my friends. Three years ago I got involved with Louisville Bespoke, a local fashion collaborative. Over time this has transitioned into personal styling, editorial styling and fashion shows!

FM: What is the biggest misconception people not working in your field have about your job?

Roxanne: There are many misconceptions from outside the fashion industry about our work. It can appear superficial or materialistic, but I see it as an art form and mode of self-expression. I work from a style coaching paradigm rather than straight image consulting. I am always focusing on helping my clients show up in the world to feel the way they want to feel!

FM: If you could choose anyone to give a makeover, who would it be and why?

Roxanne: I’m less interested in styling a celebrity and more into helping the average woman learn how to use shape, cut, and fabrication of garments to change the perception of body proportion and the way one feels about oneself.

FM: What’s your wardrobe MVP?

Roxanne: Hands-down, the nude patent stiletto! It’s a total classic, sexy and demure at the same time, and lengthens the leg!

FM: How do you choose what looks work for each individual client?

Roxanne: My goal is to create an exterior that reflects each client’s uniqueness. Teaching clients about quality and fit is a no brainer, along with what staples to have in their wardrobe. But it’s also about finding their power pieces that feel authentic and special to them. It could be a bright scarf or special fabric, but always something that is luxurious and spunky to them!

FM: What’s the best style advice you’ve received?

Roxanne: Take one accessory off when you’re ready to leave the house. Often, less is more!

Get to know the Louisville Fashion Industry

FM: What opportunities are there for fashion designers in the Louisville area?

Roxanne: There are a myriad of opportunities for fashion designers in the Louisville area. First, we have Louisville Bespoke which is a fashion collaborative for those involved in the industry. This ranges from designers and stylists to photographers and models. Louisville Bespoke has a large fashion show featuring only ready-to-wear designers with Louisville roots every April. Also, KMAC Couture hosts their “Art Walks the Runway” every May. It features designers who create pieces like a dress made entirely from cocktail straws or a pantsuit made entirely from seeds.

FM: Who were some of the most successful designers that have come out of Louisville?

Roxanne: Louisville is the original home to quite a few successful designers, specifically Gunnar Deatherage and Frankie Lewis of Project Runway fame!

FM: What do you think Louisville fashion does well?

Roxanne: As home to the Kentucky Derby, Louisville does all the right things when it comes to ladylike fashion… Jackie O. fitted sheaths, classic pearls, and southern hats are some of Louisville’s fashion standards. And with the addition of KMAC Couture, we are seeing more avant-garde pieces originate here.

FM: What are some of the best ways a fashion designer can promote their brand in Louisville?

Roxanne: A fashion designer in Louisville can promote their brand by joining Fashion Mingle, where they can connect with like-minded fashion pros locally and internationally who can guide them through the process of brining their designs to market.

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