How to Promote Your Fashion Event Using Photos and Videos

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Everyone wants to be known as the girl or guy that threw the best party ever. How mortifying would it feel to be known as the host of the party with no guests? That’s like a “fashion show with no fashion” (re: Real Housewives of Atlanta). It is not enough for the modern fashionista to just successfully predict the latest fashion, or dernier cri; one must also be proficient in the technology a la mode. To put it frankly: we are currently living in the age of information, thus a snail-mailed invitation, occasional social network blurb, or card stock flyer simply isn’t enough to draw the masses to your next event.

Even though a mailed invitation is highly personable, to some, it’s considered an ancient practice-just ask the U.S. Postal Service! Thanks to smartphones apps, computers, tablets, Photoshop, and an overabundance of alternatives there are many options available to market your next event.


Using Photos and Videos to Advertise Your Fashion Event

Whether Android, or iOS, the ability to create and share your own promotions is at your fingertips. At  the touch of a button-or swipe of the screen, is the manifestation of quick and easy self-made promotion.

  1. Photo Collages: Apps such as Photogrid are all encompassing, and the possibilities are nearly boundless. Not only does this app make it possible to construct and share collages, it also enables the user to design graphics, edit, and share their advertising campaign via social media, email, and text!

  2. Videos: Most photo applications presently on the market now offer a video-making function, thus enabling the users to create mini videos. The mini video advantage allows users to conceptualize and execute their own slideshow, and can be enhanced to simulate a“commercial”.

  3. Music: Feel free to amplify pictures and videos by using music. In doing so, be sure certain all pictures and accompanying music are tasteful, and appropriate, and applicable to the crowd you wish to draw to your event.  When using music, research copywriting laws and rules so as not to be in violation.

  1. Content: Use pictures and / or a short, thirty second script to describe the event in a way that will entice spectators to attend your upcoming soiree. Make sure that you own all photos you are using; purchase them through a stock photo website purchase, hire a local photographer, or take the photos yourself.

The most expeditious route to reach a myriad of people is to publicize your event is to broadcast via television and radio. In using this option, you will have the advantage of reaching legions of people simultaneously. While this is probably the most advantageous route, it is the most costly. Fees associated with airtime for on-air commercials, radio drops, and plugs could be potentially budget-busting. If the resources are available to you for such an expenditure, this is undoubtedly the most perpetual choice, in my opinion.

Additionally, consider using local magazines and newspapers as an economical segue in which to herald your event. Be sure to research and capitalize on all accessible resources for your advertising campaign. Whether your broadcast style is avant garde, or analogue, be creative, innovative and persuasive! In doing so, your shopping party, fashion show, or grand opening will be the talk of the town!

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