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Adelaide Brand “Harvey The Label” Makes NYFW Debut with Focus on Social Sustainability.

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Harvey The Label is a fast-growing Adelaide, Australia fashion brand. Designer Mim Harvey came to New York Fashion Week to debut her collection of garments that are made with eco-friendly materials that can be worn multiple ways.

17 Different Ways to Wear a “Harvey The Label” Design

Mim Harvey has been designing since she was 21 and launched her brand in 2015. Her unique concept that focuses on multi-wear designs is what makes Harvey The Label such a interesting brand. Much of her collection can be be worn up to 17 different ways which is a step forward for sustainable fashion in and of itself.

The main thing that sets my label apart is the social sustainability in the multi-way wear. This jumpsuit that I’m currently wearing, there are 17 different ways to wear it. Later tonight I’m going to wear it as a really cool, wide legged pants. It can also be a cute little shoulder jumpsuit.

Mim Harvey, Head Designer

Harvey the Label estimates that about 70% of their line is multi-wear pieces. They’ve achieved a wide demographic by offering customers options on how to wear the garments. While chatting about these multi-wear clothes, Mim pointed out that a 19 year old and 90 year old purchased the same multiwear shirt.

I love that my label is at an accessible price point. We are fast-fashion priced, but we are not fast fashion. Girls who are size 16 and girls who are size 6 can both wear the exact same thing, you will just strap it different ways.

Mim Harvey, Head Designer

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