An Inside look at Hanh Merriman 2019 Holiday Collection.

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With the start of summer time, designers are hard at work preparing to debut their new 2019 holiday collections. Batsheva Weinstein, Fashion Mingle’s New York City Ambassador, sits down for a conversation with designer Hanh Merriman to talk about her new Holiday collection presented in New York City on June 6th.

Batsheva Weinstein: Tell me about your brand and your new collection-

Hanh Merriman: My brand launched last year and this is my first presentation! I design pieces that are modern with classic elements that have an edge to them. The main color of the collection is black but it is not boring black. The focus is on the female body and bringing the beauty out of a woman. Every detail is made to accentuate the curves and beauty of a woman. The pieces don’t show a lot of skin but they still bring out the sexiness of the woman.

BW: What are your favorite pieces of the collections?

HM: I really love them all but the white opera dress. When I designed it I imagined that this would be something I would wear to the Opera. The dress with the one tulle shoulder is one of my favorites as well!
What was the main inspiration for the holiday collection? My main inspiration was classics with an abstract influence. Mixing the bold and soft, modern and classic styles.

Hanh’s message to us all-
“I always wanted to be a designer. It didn’t happen to me right away but I believe everything happens in the right time and if you have an opportunity, you need to grab on to it and make it happen. I didn’t think it would happen for me and when the opportunity came I took it.”

HM: Before I started my line, I designed 10 looks just for me and people would always ask me who designed my clothing. They were always amazed when I said I designed them and they encouraged me and gave me the confidence to have my own line. Step out of the box and be brave. You need to make your dreams come true by setting your goals and making it happen, no matter how old you are.

From all of us here at Fashion Mingle we would like to thank our friends at Seventh House PR for allowing us access to this exclusive interview as well as bring you a first look at Hanh Merriman’s Holiday 2019 collection.

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