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Getting an Internship at NYFW: Four Easy Options

In Fashion Weekby Erica Yanus

Getting an internship at NYFW is a great way to get involved in the fashion industry. As an intern you can get a behind the scenes look at the fashion industry’s biggest event of the year. You’ll also be able to gain some valuable experience which could set you up with a job in the future. Here are a few ways that you can go about getting an internship at NYFW.

Getting an Internship at NYFW Begins Online

Like any other internship, most fashion companies post their job listings online. Look on reputable sites such as LinkedIn or FashionWeekInternships, to find all the opportunities in one place. If you have a specific company you want to intern for, go straight to their website to get all the information. Don’t forget that Fashion Mingle is also a great place to look for both jobs and internships! Browse through your local Fashion Directory to find a company that sparks your interest. Then reach out!

Fashion Mingle NYFW Networking party

Attend a Networking Event

Whether you’re attending a party or know someone that knows someone, put your services out there. Let people know you’re looking to intern at Fashion Week, chances are someone is looking for the extra help with NYFW rapidly approaching. If you haven’t already registered for a networking event check out Fashion Mingle’s NYFW party

Start out as a Volunteer

One great way to show that you stand out is by volunteering at NYFW events! If you start your internship search too late in the game it can be hard to secure one last minute, but many events are still looking for a few extra hands as soon as a few days ahead of time! Getting an internship at NYFW next season can be as easy as being the stand-out volunteer at an event this season.

Backstage at NYFW, photo by Patrick Hovan

Reach Out Directly

If you have a specific designer or publication you want to intern with, find their information and contact them. Email them to show you’re interested in any opportunities they have available. They might ignore you or they could respond with an opening. Either way, at least you reached out and they have your information for the future

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