3 Tips to Supercharge Your New Connections at NYFW

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New York Fashion Week is one of the most exciting events for everyone in the fashion industry. Most people attend to see the latest trends walk the runway, but it does serve another purpose and that’s fashion networking events. If you are trying to work in the fashion industry, here are three ways to make new connections at New York Fashion Week. 

Don't be shy at fashion networking events

1: Talk to People!

Although this seems like the most obvious way to make new connections at NYFW, it can also be the most difficult. Regardless if you’re shy or very outgoing, putting yourself out there to talk to strangers can be hard. Yet, it is the best way to meet new people. Talk to someone while waiting in line or say something nice and open yourself up to conversation. Chances are, most of the people attending are in the same boat and will be as nervous as you.

Compliments are easy ways to break the ice, especially at a fashion networking event. Compliment someone’s outfit and ask where they got it. It will start the conversation. Ensure that you’re genuine! It’s smart to have some conversation topics ready in your mind. It will help you avoid the awkward silences and keep the conversation flowing. You can ask questions about fashion week or fashion networking events they have attended in the past. Ask about the shows they’ve seen thus far or what they’re looking forward to. End the conversation politely and ask for their social media handles as a way to keep in touch with the person. If you’ve made a personal connection, give them a business card with your most recent information.

Helping out backstage at fashion shows or at fashion networking events will help you thrive

2: Volunteer Backstage

No matter what job you’re working backstage, you are getting hands on job experience. Whether you’re working as a makeup artist, hair stylist, model or part of the media you have easy access to make many new connections. If you do your job right, more people will hopefully contact you in the future to work for them. You’ll also have the opportunity to attend more runway shows and fashion networking events. 

Attending fashion networking events is a great way to make new connections

3: Attend Fashion Networking Events 

Attending fashion networking events put on for socializing at NYFW is the smartest thing to do to make new connections. A networking party is a great event, that allows you to meet other makeup artists, stylists, designers, bloggers, models etc. Research fashion networking events that you can gain exposure from and attend!

Hopefully, these pointers have been helpful! Don’t forget to register for Fashion Mingle’s NYFW Networking Party to make new connections at New York Fashion Week. See you there! 

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