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Fashion Industry Insiders Share Their Secrets To Designing a Cohesive Fashion Collection

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Fashion is art, but designing a cohesive fashion collection is more than just an artistic process. To be able to make fashion, define a niche, build a successful collection, create a successful product season after season, pricing it and launching it, all while dealing with limited resources requires skills, business skills to be more specific. So how can we achieve that? Where do we start? Lucky you, here at Fashion Mingle we had a little chat with product development expert Boaz David, founder and owner of Human B, an NYC based fashion consultancy specialized in business, to share with you a few important tips to keep in mind when planning your fashion collection.

  1. Design the process, NOT just the product – Run the entire production process in your mind and think of how to produce hundreds of units rather than a single sample. It’s easy to improvise and make things work with a sample; it’s another thing entirely when you hit the production line!
  2. Design with a cost sheet – If you’re looking to make your line into a successful business you need to integrate the business side with the creative side. Consider the cost of every pattern piece and every stitch to ensure you stay within your market price point. Higher production costs will be added onto the final price tag, which will result in either losing sales or losing money…or both.
  3. Use materials across styles – It will help with reaching the minimum orders of materials for production and will make your production process easier and cheaper.

Boaz David also offers free guides and workshops through Human B‘s website. With just a sign up he gives you access to a pool of resources and information. In his list of 35 Essential Fashion Industry Resources to Start a Fashion Brand he covers all the important topics on how to start your own brand from financials,  business plan, intellectual property, to branding, trends, design, inspiration, development, production, sales marketing and more. And if you are already established but need guiding in the production process he also offers a free workshop on How To Work With A Sewing Contractor where he reveals how to approach a sewing factory, what to ask, what to prepare, how to work with them and lots of other inside tips.


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