Global Fashion Exchange Daft Brunch at The Brooklyn Mirage

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Fashion Mingle had the pleasure of collaborating alongside Global Fashion Exchange and Runway the Real Way on July 8, 2018 at Avant Gardner’s Brooklyn Mirage. The venue was packed! With everything from an energetic slate of live DJ’s, iconic runway shows, and an interactive fashion swap & vendor market. Over 2000 people came to enjoy the fantastic music and refreshments, interact with the vendors, and mingle with one another.

NYC photographer and Fashion Mingle member Naporje Washington captured the scene:

The event had a running start with the Fashion Swap and Vendor Market, organized by Global Fashion Exchange. The Fashion Swap is meant to extend the life of a garments life cycle. Guests brought with them garments and pieces to be repurposed and rediscovered by others at the event. They exchanged their clothes for an opportunity to shop from a wide selection of guest donations. At the same time there were vendors showcasing and selling their products, from sustainable fashion pieces to personal care products.

At the peak of the event, Runway the Real Way organized a show stopping array of runways from an assortment of high fashion and street wear designers. The cat walk was in the center of the venue, outside and surrounded by our spirited guests. Alongside debuting the designer’s garments, the models held signs with the #ClothingIsNotGarbage to go with the theme of the Fashion Swap, and sustainable fashion.

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