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Chicago Social Media Influencer, Emilia Taneva, Turns Bubbly Moments into a Stunning Success

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Emilia Taneva is a Chicago social media influencer sharing her love of fashion and travel through her lifestyle blog and Instagram, Bubbly Moments. Although Emilia has a successful career as an orthodontist, this Fashion Mingle member has grown her following on social media to over 600,000k followers on Instagram. 

Her passion for fashion and traveling began at a very young age, Emilia says. She was a part of a dental student organization, so she was able to spend a large majority of her early 20s traveling Europe. 

“After I completed my residency in Orthodontics in Chicago, I started traveling once again and I was eager to share my adventures,” Taneva said, and a passion for fashion followed. 

Taneva’s eagerness to share her style and travel experiences led her to launch a blog and Instagram account as a Chicago social media influencer. On her days off from her orthodontic private practice, she is able to plan her schedule as a blogger, exploring topics from travel and fashion to beauty and motherhood.

I love spending time outdoors, capturing memorable images, and moments on secluded beaches, mountains, and dramatic coastlines,” Taneva said. “I love to create images that are detailed and colorfully mesmerizing so you want to jump into my photographs.”


Chicago Social Media Influencer, Emilia Taneva Shares Her Travels at @bubbly.moments


In 2018 Taneva became a member of Fashion Mingle, looking for more opportunities to meet people within the fashion industry. As an orthodontist, she said, professional relationships are limited to only health care providers and Tavena was looking to forge long-term relationships with photographers, stylists, designers, agents, journalists, publicists, and directors. 

As a Chicago social media Influencer, Taneva has connected with many amazing people. 

“I’ve built wonderful business and personal relationships through social media that I can rely on for honest critiques, advice, and insight. Having an online support community is very empowering” Taneva said. 

Fashion Mingle has given her the opportunity to meet new people in the fashion industry and stay up to date on fashion events, that can improve her content, and also increase her following. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Taneva’s social engagement has actually increased, however, the audience priorities and interests have shifted. Her most popular posts are more tailored to loungewear, daily casual looks, skin care routines, parenthood, and navigating motherhood while working full time.

“I started my TikTok account in March and found it quite entertaining,” Taneva said. “It’s hard to know what will happen in the future with the fashion industry because of Covid-19. It has been a rough year for everyone. I believe online platforms such as Fashion Mingle will have a higher impact on connecting people within the social media and fashion industry now”. 

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To follow Emilia Taneva’s journey and see her future adventures, visit her Instagram, @bubbly.moments, and her blog, Bubbly Moments. Taneva uses Fashion Mingle to network, and so can you. If you are looking to grow your connections in the fashion industry join Fashion Mingle

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