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Chicago Native Shares His On-going Journey as a Chicago Influencer and Healthcare Worker

In Fashion Features, Student Mingleby Lauren McCaffrey

Zubair Mohammed is a rising Chicago influencer, as well as a full-time healthcare worker.

“I come from a brown household where we either go into medicine or we go into the technology world,” Mohammed said. “After pursuing healthcare, I felt some sort of void or something, that I was missing. I just felt like I have a creative eye and so I started out just putting looks together.”

About 4 years ago Mohammed started posting his experiences and fashion choices on social media, he said. 

His main influence comes from Instagram, he said. This platform is very competitive, he said, so he felt like he needed to find a niche that set him apart. 

“My niche is South Asian, Middle Eastern clothing,” Mohammed said. “That is my target audience. I think 80% of them are South Asian, Middle Eastern. And then the 20% are Westerners.” 

After Mohammed started posting regularly on his Instagram, his following steadily grew, he said.

As a healthcare worker, Mohammed said, he has recently integrated more informative posts to his Instagram because of COVID-19. He has shared his experiences and strongly advocates for staying safe and taking care of your body. 

Additionally, Mohammed said that his fashion has been affected by the current events. He has made an effort to combine fashion and health recommendations, with hopes of making a larger impact and growing his audience, he said. 

Though it is very time consuming, the Chicago influencer said, he hopes to develop and expand his niche, including more skincare routines, tips and tricks on hair, different outfit ideas for the same clothing article, and much more. 

“It’s a safe space for me to create content,” Mohammed said. “And it’s a space for me to sort of visualize what creativity looks like for me.”

This platform has allowed Mohammed to build strong relationships with other influencers, he said. He has created and built content with others and heard their journeys and stories. 

“I’ve gone to New York Fashion Week, for the past six times,” Mohammed said. “I’ve built relationships with these PR individuals. I’ve met people at the shows that have become really good friends of mine.”

Chicago influencer, Mohammed, said it is very easy to lose yourself in the industry and focus on the followers rather than the experience itself. Individuals have to decide if the number is what they really care about or if they want to display their true passions and what they are good at, he said.

As a recent member of Fashion Mingle, the platform has helped him network and connect with others in the fashion industry, he said. 

“Designers like Dior and Versace didn’t happen overnight,” Mohammed said. “They worked for years to be able to build that credibility of their platform. And so I think about it that way. if I want to grow, I need to be able to have that truth to myself.”

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