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NYFW: A Kid in a Candy Store

In Behind-the-Scenes by Soloni Behl

It sounds cliché but it’s true: the morning I reported to cover New York Fashion Week, one could only describe me as a kid in a candy store – but with five-inch-heels on my feet and a latte in my hand.

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NYFW: My Last View of Betsey Johnson From the Pit

In Behind-the-Scenes by Melissa Shea

Each time I come to New York Fashion Week I have a list in my head of all the shows I want to see that make my heart go pitter-pat, and none get it racing more than Betsey Johnson. She just seems to bring out the most enthusiasm from the press and the crowd because the lady puts on a good show

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NYFW: Right Where Life Wanted Me To Be

In Behind-the-Scenes by Brandy Thomas

My experience at fashion week taught me that there’s more to the fashion industry than just material items. It’s about the designer’s passion seen within each model’s walk, and the motivation felt within the press pit to perform as a professional. It’s about doing what you can to be part of the team.