Get to know Caribbean lifestyle blogger Lorane Rhoden

Get to know Caribbean lifestyle blogger Lorane Rhoden

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Kingston is not just the capital of Jamaica, it’s also an up-and-coming fashion capital! We’re thrilled to have Caribbean lifestyle blogger Lorane Rhoden of The Haute Lifestyle as our mingle ambassador for Jamaica! Check out our interview with her below to learn about how Lorane is changing the Kingston fashion industry.

Get to know Caribbean lifestyle blogger Lorane Rhoden

Fashion Mingle: When did you start The Haute Lifestyle, and what was your motivation for getting started?
Lorane Rhoden: It was started in 2011 after University – I had just completed a B.A. Communications Degree and I wanted a way to merge my love of writing and fashion and the blog was born! American Pop Culture was my greatest motivation to create a blog – I grew up during the “MTV Generation” when “The Hills” was their biggest show. After each episode they would encourage viewers to check out the MTV Blog – I’ve never looked back since.

FM: As a influencer and fashion blogger, where does your style savvy come from, and where do you get your inspiration?
Lorane: Magazines! Specifically I love Vogue Magazine. The editorials are so bold, vibrant and inspiring. It’s like Fashion in 3D. I also get my fashion inspiration from Lauren Conrad and Olivia Palermo, both from “The Hills”.

FM: One of our most frequently asked questions from readers is how to begin monetizing their blog and social following. Any advice?
Lorane: Yes!  It’s important to have something to monetize first of all. Newbie and seasoned bloggers need to ensure they are consistent and have quality content worth being monetized. I would say once you get to 20,000 page views, you should start monetizing

FM: Share one fashion prediction you foresee for 2019– either mainstream or alternative.
Lorane: Anything from Asia (Singapore, Shanghai and Japan) will be trending since “Crazy Rich Asians” was such a big hit! Street wear will be huge! It’s all about making Joggers and T-Shirts look chic. The 80s are back with their vibrant neon prints and denim styles.  

FM: What do you feel is most important to your community? How do you provide that in your content?
Lorane: Their needs to be that one person who is doing something that is deemed “against the odds” in each community. I believe I’m that person in that a lot of people in Jamaica are not fully aware of the power of Bloggers and Influencers and the fact that it’s a billion dollar industry and they can make a living from it. I always try to stay true to myself and brand and offer a ‘Blog Series” centered on Blogging and living a Digital Lifestyle each year. This encourages people to create a niche and life for themselves where they use the Internet to create opportunities.

Inside the Kingston Fashion Industry

FM: What opportunities are there for fashion designers in the Kingston area? 
Lorane: If they are looking to diversify their skills and services there are opportunities to open a boutique and sell their designs plus other designer wares who might not have their own store. Fashion illustrator, fashion stylist, Fashion Visual Merchandiser, fashion buyer, and fashion blogger are all viable options in Kingston.

FM: Who were some of the most successful designers that have come out of Kingston?
Lorane: Some of the most well-known designers include Courtney Washington, Bill Edwards, Carlton Brown, Keneea Linton-George and Greta Constantine 

FM: What do you think Kingston fashion does well?
Lorane: We take clothing and add our own Island Flavour to the pieces to make it our own and we have a certain confidence when looking our best. You see it in the way we walk and even talk once we know we are wearing the perfect outfit. For a pretty “laid back” country we dress up! 

FM: What are some of the best ways a fashion designer can promote their brand in Kingston?
Lorane: One major way is through Social Media and another popular way is by participating in major and minor fashion events like Style Week Ja and The Collection Moda. There has been a lot of designers who are now collaborating with Influencers who have a large following which also helps to promote their brand.

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