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Style Coalition announced the nominees for the 5th Annual Fashion 2.0 Awards in late February 2014, with in ten different categories highlighting technology in the fashion industry. The nominees for best online video, ranging from Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel to Ralph Lauren, competed with zeal for the top spot. This year’s winner is featured first on our list of the Fashion 2.0 Awards Best Online Video nominees:


*Winner* Chanel’s “Once Upon A Time…” by Karl Lagerfeld
This video could be mistaken for an American version of the “Gabrielle Before Chanel” documentary which highlights a burgeoning designer’s career as a hat designer in Paris. Kira Knightley stars as the French bushy-browed Coco Chanel, complete with a thick French accent. Lagerfeld’s favorite Chanel models, including supermodel Lindsey Wixson, are dressed in French period costumes and curly wigs to complete the French look. The video definitely told a story about Chanel- although not a new concept, it had strong purpose.

Ralph Lauren | The Dog Walk from Ana Biesdorf on Vimeo.

Ralph Lauren “The Dog Walk”

The second video was more like a brief television advertisement for Ralph Lauren clothing and accessories. “The Dog Walk” showcased various models and dogs dripping in Ralph Lauren clothing, Ralph Lauren accessories, Ralph Lauren newspapers, the list of overdone brand name stamped all over these unrealistic women and dogs goes on. The tone of the video and the music was mysterious and spoke to the uniqueness of the Ralph Lauren customer. However, in a world dominated by the brand logo, the video itself lacked a sense of purpose other than “advertisement.”


[ADS ► VIDEO ] Prada « Castello Cavalcanti » from AGENCE REGARD on Vimeo.

PRADA “Castello Cavalcanti”

Directed by Wes Anderson and starring Jason Schwartzman, this Prada short film certainly had a unique vibe when compared to the concepts of the other videos. This historic-inspired video was a race car driver that crashed in a small town in Italy. It left me feeling very confused. Overall, the video had fantastic character and stellar acting, however the purpose was obscure. I had to stop and ask myself, “Where is the Prada?”


Free People Presents “Roshambo” from FreePeople on Vimeo.

Free People “Roshambo” 

I was surprised that “Roshambo” was my favorite of the 5 videos – for I am not a Free People customer. However, I have always appreciated how well Free People recognizes their niche, speaks to their customer, and how well they portray her in a lifestyle brand. The bohemian-casual yet sexy vibe of the brand created a subtle, seamless short story about a romance between two city natives. This short story did not only achieve showcasing the Free People clothing and accessories impeccably, but also represented the Free People Girl beautifully. It left me feeling inspired, enchanted, and hopeful. The cinematography and city scenes also created a very urban setting for shoppers and entertainment-seekers.

H&M Body Wear 

I didn’t even have to search to recall which short film the third of the video nominees, for it has already been advertised in every taxi in New York City, particularly during New York Fashion Week. The H&M collaboration with sport phenomenon and husband of designer Victoria Beckham, the David Beckham body wear collection for H&M certainly has purpose for the male demographic. Unfortunately the video focuses its intention on the American appeal to celebrity-infused consumerism. I was truly unimpressed with the lack of purpose beyond advertisement and entertainment in this video. *video unavailable

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