Become a Makeup Artist: 5 Reasons to attend NYFW

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If you want to become a makeup artist there’s no better resource than NYFW. New York Fashion Week is one of the most exciting times for those who wish to become a makeup artist. For most, attending one of the biggest beauty industry events is the goal. If you don’t know how to become a makeup artist at NYFW here are five reasons that you should attend New York Fashion Week.

1.Gain valuable fashion industry experience

Become a makeup artist at NYFW. Photo by Patrick Hovan.

New York Fashion Week is a chaotic and fast-paced environment. Understanding how to navigate it can be the ultimate learning experience. You also get the opportunity to improve your craft by working on multiple models a day.

2. Become a makeup artist by expanding Your Portfolio

Not only does your participation at fashion week give you experience, but it looks good on a resume! You can also expand your portfolio to include all the work you put in at the shows, to show to others in the future. By having a large variety of looks in your portfolio getting work becomes easier and easier. You can also find photographers who are looking to build their own portfolio and work together.

3. Learn the Current Trends

To become a makeup artist you need to be aware of all of the latest trends. NYFW shows off all the upcoming fashion and beauty trends in the industry. You’ll be learning the newest tips and tricks before the rest of the world, which gives you a huge advantage. You’ll have the chance to have your finger on the pulse of the beauty industry.

Want to become a makeup artist? Photo by Santino Holnagel

4. Networking Opportunities Help You Become a Makeup Artist

Networking is important regardless of what career you have. Imagine the people you could meet at NYFW. For someone who wants to become a makeup artist, NYFW is filled with both potential employers and clients for the future. The use of social media has made this process much easier. Look up the designers you’ll be working for before you go. Your increased knowledge of them is a good talking point and could make you stand out. Attending a networking event is a great way to get your foot in the door! 

5. Make a Name for Yourself

First impressions are everything. Working at New York Fashion Week allows you the opportunity to show the most important people in the industry how good you are at what you do. NYFW will open doors for you, all you have to do is attend.

Hopefully, these tips have been helpful! Make sure to register for Fashion Mingle’s NYFW Networking Party to make all the connections you’ll need to get your start as a makeup artist. See you there! 

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