Back to School Makeup Looks

Quarantine Friendly, Back to School Makeup Looks

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Quarantine Friendly Makeup Looks

Creating back to school makeup looks is usually exciting. However, due to the restrictions of wearing a mask or participating in online learning, things are a bit different. Not sure what makeup to wear for your next Zoom class? Feeling uninspired to do makeup looks when half your face is covered by your mask? Here are 3 mask-friendly, back to school makeup looks you can try!

The Looks

Your lipstick isn’t seen, so now your eyes have to stand out more than ever! Here are two eyeshadow looks to give your face the pop it needs! 

Pink Mask-Friendly Eyeshadow Look

Back to School Makeup Looks

This Purple-Pink back to school makeup look you can create super fast if you’re in a rush or if you just want a simple look that doesn’t require a lot of effort. The main aspect of this makeup look is to take your favorite shimmery eyeshadow and put it all over your lid. You can put a matching color in the crease and add some eyeliner too. Use an eyeliner the same color as your eyeshadow for a monochromatic look.

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Smokey Eye with a Pop of Color – Mask-Friendly Eyeshadow Look

Back to School Makeup Looks

This next back to school makeup look is a more dramatic smokey eye that you can wear for a special occasion or if you just feel like being extra. For this look, you’re going to take three darker shades of the same color and blend the lightest to darkest together to get that smokey effect. I used some reddish-brown shades for the look, but you can use other shades like purples, blues, or greens depending on your mood or outfit for the day! You can also put a pop of color on the waterline to add a little bit of fun to the look. I used an icy blue to contrast with the red and brown tones on the lid.

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Zoom Meeting Makeup Look

If you’re attending a Zoom meeting or virtual classes, you don’t have to worry about a mask covering your face. Here’s a back to school makeup look that attracts attention even through a screen!

Back to School Makeup Looks

This look is going to be a simple halo eye look that will still be able to be seen on a Zoom call. I also added a bold red lip to this look because it can easily be seen on camera, but feel free to change it up with your favorite nude lipstick or sheer lip gloss! You can change up the whole look to be a bit more subtle by using colors that are closer to your skin tone.  

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