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We’re Launching Our Fashion Tech Company in Austin, and Here’s Why…

In Austin by Melissa Shea

Ok, it’s not just because Austin is the coolest city in the world. I know that’s what you were thinking. The reason is a little bit of that but also, it’s because Austin is where I met the people that inspired me to start Fashion Mingle and change the way fashion does business.

We all know that Austin is one of the most creative and tech savvy cities in the world. Software companies such as Google flock there and SXSW was born there. The creative economy is alive and well in Austin and an important part of that economy is the independent fashion industry.

While I now live in New York, I lived in Austin at the dawn of social media and blogging, two things that have done more to help small businesses grow since the Black Plague wiped out the feudal economy. In Austin I met so many passionate people who are driven to work in fashion and strengthen the fashion community as a whole, but they face an uphill battle. Fashion is like many creative industries, it runs on volunteer labor, with few people actually making a living to support themselves.

As someone with a background in web development and internet marketing, I started thinking about how we could use technology to help fashion businesses maximize their marketing and PR efforts, many niche industries started long ago and but with limited funds and technical skills, fashion businesses have largely been ignored.

This year that idea will come to fruition with the launch of a nationwide fashion directory and our Mingle Match System that will literally change the way fashion does business.

We’re using Austin for our beta launch for one reason. You inspire me.Melissa Shea

About Melissa Shea

Melissa Shea is the co-founder of Fashion Mingle and has spent over 20 years in the creative industry fueled by a love of learning about the “next new thing”. Melissa has used her entrepreneurial passion and technology skills to develop an online platform for fashion professionals that will transform the future for local fashion communities.

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