Asia Fashion Collections Debut at New York Fashion Week 2016

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The day started out with an early walk to Pier 59 Studios, one of my favorite New York Fashion Week venues. Having photographed a show at this iconic studio the night before, I was excited to return once again. This time however, I was there to photograph the Asia Fashion Collection. Wanting so secure a spot in front of the press pit, I made my way to the studio early after making a quick stop for fuel, a.k.a. coffee. In fact, I arrived so early that press passes weren’t being given out yet. Fortunately, personnel checked me regardless and I was the first person in the pit! Usually the press pits are quite crowded even when arriving early.

Thinking to myself, Well… that’s a first, I claimed my spot and waited.

Chungpepe, Asian Fashion Collection at NYFW 2016. Photo by Patrick Hovan.

Chungpepe, Asian Fashion Collection at NYFW 2016. Photo by Patrick Hovan.

This particular show broke away from the standard runway by having three sections for guests to sit; one on each side, as well as one in the middle as the models walked around the middle section. It was refreshing to see such efficient event production and runway design.

To kick things off, Japanese designer Shinpei Soma with walked her collection of brown and black jackets, trench coats, sweaters, and dresses down the runway. Her brand seeks to push the boundaries of non-gendered/androgynous clothing as well as classic silhouettes.

Next up was Hong Kong Designer Kurt Ho, with his collection primarily consisting of menswear. Each piece was intricately designed to be left open to interpretation. I value an open-ended approach to story telling through a collection. Ho’s translation of fashion and individuality via a collection of jackets and trench coats was intriguing. The designs featured solid blacks and markings that cleverly unveiled a shroud of mysterious artistic intentions.

Following Kurt Ho was Chungpepe by designer Lim Eo-ryung. This designer from Korea offered a collection of dresses and sweaters. Some pieces continued the trend of black, while others held hints of blue. A stand out of the collection was a long sleeve beige dress.

Designers Chang Yi-Hung and Shen Tzu-Chin of the brand (A)crypsis were up next. Making their way to New York City from Taiwan, they debuted their Fall/Winter 2016 collection in style. This collection continued the jackets and sweaters trend, but unlike the other collections, there was a little more use of color. The collection featured beautifully crafted jackets in hues of blue, as well as unique uses of hoods and a beautiful silk top with matching hat. After seeing a sweater that read “New York City” in bold black letter across the front, it was clear to me that this collection was created with the timeless mind set.

Neutral color pallets, jackets and sweaters played a big roll in each collection showcased during this show. Being a huge fan of Fall/Winter fashion, I really liked the collections, each with their own statement pieces and classic silhouettes. I couldn’t get enough of this show, which was not only a fashion show but a design competition.

The 3rd annual Asia Fashion Collection competition is held in Asia for budding designers to compete for a chance to debut on the runways of New York Fashion Week. This is very unique approach to the aspect of design and fashion week that I believe will move this varied collection of burgeoning designers forward in the coming seasons.

All photography by Patrick Hovan.

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