Meet Melissa Shea

Melissa Shea

New York

Melissa Shea is the co-founder of Fashion Mingle and has spent over 20 years in the creative industry fueled by a love of learning about the “next new thing”. Her passion has focused on helping small businesses use the latest internet and social media strategies to compete and grow their brand.

Originally from Austin, TX, Melissa began focusing her entrepreneurial passion on the idea of developing an online fashion directory in 2009 with a desire to bring much-needed exposure to the independent fashion community. After relocating to Upstate New York due to a job transfer for her husband, Shea continued to promote and support the independent fashion community through conducting interviews, writing articles, filming videos, and covering New York Fashion Week as a member of the press.

Fashion Mingle was officially launched in 2012 when Shea began building the first nation-wide fashion directory and private social network for 107 metro areas. She is passionate about using the latest technology to design online tools that will maximize the marketing and PR efforts of fashion professionals.

Melissa met co-founder Beth Smith through a New York State business mentoring program and realized they both were working on similar projects. So they quickly decided to join forces and launch a concept bigger and better than either had conceived on their own.

Our mission is to build a revolutionary platform that will fuel the growth of local fashion communities. Our passion is to use the latest technology to maximize the marketing and PR efforts of fashion industry professionals. Our goal is to create thriving local fashion communities that will increase economic opportunities for all.