A Photographer’s View of Style Fashion Week in New York

In marketing by Patrick Hovan

Kicking off the Fall/Winter 2016 season of New York Fashion Week, I found my self back at the beautiful Gotham Hall in Harold Square for the extravagant Style Fashion Week. Having only photographed one designer’s collection in the previous season, this week I was faced with the honor to photograph Malan Breton and the four exciting designers following him. Each designer showed beautiful collections, each with their own unique and intricate qualities.

Returning once more to Style Fashion Week and the one to kick off the week was Malan Breton. Last season during his spring/summer collection he showed a very unique collection, presented with an equally beautiful story. This season he started off with a bang! To open, a beautiful live performance orchestrated by Sylvia Tosun transitioned swiftly into the first design of the Fall/Winter 2016 collection coined “Gotham Disco Dollies,” inspired by Studio 54 and the glam rock era of the 1970’s.

Packed with reds and purples as well as some blues and browns the collection catered to my love for fall fashion, featuring beautifully crafted dresses and suits paired with intricate leather jackets and trench coats. Malan Breton’s collection did not disappoint. Small details such as sequins in the dresses as well as patterns on the models sleeves and backs accessorized the collection in a very intriguing way.

Following Breton was designer PopImpressKA with an interesting collection of patterns and very versatile pieces. Featuring patterns of light colors and sunflowers, the collection was very interesting. However, my personal opinion is that it seemed better suited as a spring/summer collection. Accessorized with hats and a few swimsuit covers the collection was beautiful none the less. The designer also featured a few pieces for kids which I found very unique and interesting. In the midst of winter in New York City, PopImpressKA’s collection had the essence of the warmth of summertime, and I am sure everyone watching the show felt it as each piece walked the runway.

Next up was winner of Project Runway: House of Perna. Although her show was the shortest of the group it was definitely one that stood out. Designs featuring pink furry coats and leg warmers really stood out on the runway in the dark and crowded hall. Having more playful items such as the pink furry pieces contrasted her more elegant, flowing dresses and sleek simpler designs. Her final piece to come down the runway was a clever combination of them all, featuring a beautiful form fitting dress that flowed out at the bottom as well as a pink and white furry shawl.

Nina Gleyzer was next up with a truly unique collection. I can honestly say it was my favorite of the evening. Each model was styled with a tall black and white head piece to match the primarily black and white wardrobe of the collection. The emotion in the designs were almost other worldly with a small resemblance of cards or chess pieces the whole collection was truly unique. In my mind the approach was very well thought out and bordered the surreal aspect that i love. in the mix was one model without the head piece, I am not sure if this was intentional but i found it very interesting. Being a fan of Alice in Wonderland my mind almost immediately fixed her as alice in the sea of playing cards. The fact that this model was blonde and each piece of the collection she modeled had some sort of shade of blue it only made that image stand out more. Over all this collection really stood out to me and i would love to have the opportunity to photograph it once more and learn more of what inspired it.

The final designer of the night was former Oscar De La Renta designer Raul Penaranda. After stepping out for some coffee, I was unable to reclaim my spot in the press pit which forced me to photograph and view the show from the sidelines. At first, this was a little unfortunate however as the show started I found myself enjoying the collection so much that I was also able to get some beautiful shots to follow up with.

The design echoed his time with Oscer Del La Renta while at the same time having a unique presence I’m sure only Raul Penaranda could create. This show was definitely a great way to end the night primarily featuring beautiful dresses and tops with hypnotic reds, golds, and shades of white. This collection did not disappoint!

At the end of the night, I left Gotham Hall very satisfied and feeling great about the upcoming week of shows. I’m extremely excited to not only cover a few more involved with Style Fashion Week but also to be back and more involved then ever with New York Fashion Week. I am truly grateful to have these opportunities and loved being back at Gotham Hall for this series of shows.

All photography by Patrick Hovan.

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